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PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 108 STAT. 2669 Subtitle B—Changes to Existing Laws Regarding Health Care Management Sec. 711. Coordination of benefits with medicare. Sec. 712. Authority for reimbursement of professional license fees under resource sharing agreements. Sec. 713. Imposition of enrollment fees for managed care plans. Sec. 714. Strengthening managed health care authorities. Sec. 715. Delay in deadline for use of health maintenance organization model as option for military health care. Sec. 716. Limitation on reduction in number of reserve component medical personnel. Sec. 717. Implementation of annual health care survey requirement. Subtitle C—Persian Gulf Illness Sec. 721. Programs related to Desert Storm mystery illness. Sec. 722. Studies of health consequences of military service or employment in Southwest Asia during the Persian Gulf War. Subtitle D—Other Matters Sec. 731. Chiropractic health care demonstration program. Sec. 732. Demonstration program for admission of civilians as physician assistant students at Academy of Health Sciences, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Sec. 733. Delay in closure of Army hospital at Vicenza, Italy. Sec. 734. Oral typhoid vaccine inventory of Department of Defense. Sec. 735. Report on expanded use of nonavailability of health care statements. Sec. 736. Cost analysis of Tidewater TRICARE delivery of pediatric health care to military families. Sec. 737. Study and report on financial relief for certain medicare-eligible military retirees who incur medicare late enrollment penalties. Sec. 738. Sense of Congress on continuity of health care services for covered beneficiaries in areas affected by base closures. TITLE VIII—ACQUISITION POLICY, ACQUISITION MANAGEMENT, AND RELATED MATTERS Subtitle A—Acquisition Assistance Programs Sec. 801. Procurement technical assistance programs. Sec. 802. Pilot mentor-protege program. Sec. 803. Infrastructure assistance for historically Black colleges and other minority institutions of higher education. Sec. 804. Treatment under subcontracting plans of purchases from qualified nonprofit agencies for the blind or severely disabled. Subtitle B—Other Matters Sec. 811. Delegation of industrial mobilization authority. Sec. 812. Determinations of public interest under the Buy American Act. Sec. 813. Continuation of expiring requirement for annual report on the use of competitive procedures for awarding certain contracts to colleges and universities. Sec. 814. Consolidation of limitations on procurement of goods other than American goods. Sec. 815. Environmental consequence analysis of major defense acquisition programs. Sec. 816. Demonstration project on purchase of fire, security, police, public works, and utility services from local government agencies. Sec. 817. Preference for local residents. Sec. 818. Payment of restructuring costs under defense contracts. Sec. 819. Defense Acquisition Pilot Program designations. TITLE IX—DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT Subtitle A—Secretarial Matters Sec. 901. Additional Assistant Secretary of Defense. Sec. 902. Order of succession to Secretaries of the military departments. Sec. 903. Change of title of Comptroller of the Department of Defense to Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller). Sec. 904. National Guard Bureau charter. Subtitle B—Professional Military Education