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108 STAT. 2672 PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 Sec. 1143. Plan for deployment of defense environmental technologies for dredging of dual-use ports. TITLE Xn—COOPERATIVE THREAT REDUCTION WITH STATES OF FORMER SOVIET UNION Sec. 1201. Cooperative Threat Reduction programs. Sec. 1202. Extension of semiannual report on Cooperative Threat Reduction programs. Sec. 1203. Report on accounting for United States assistance. Sec. 1204. Report on control and accountability of material relating to weapons of mass destruction. Sec. 1205. Multiyear planning and allied support. Sec. 1206. Funding limitations on Cooperative Threat Reduction program for fiscal year 1995. Sec. 1207. Report on offensive biological warfare program of the States of the former Soviet Union. Sec. 1208. Coordination of certain Cooperative Threat Reduction programs. Sec. 1209. Sense of Congress concerning safe and secure dismantlement of Soviet nuclear arsenal. TITLE Xm—MATTERS RELATING TO ALLIES AND OTHER NATIONS Subtitle A—Matters Relating to NATO Sec. 1301. Cooperative research and development agreements with NATO organizations. Sec. 1302. North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Sec. 1303. Authorized end strength for military personnel in Europe. Sec. 1304. Allied share of installations costs. Sec. 1305. Payments-in-kind for release of United States overseas military facilities to NATO host countries. Sec. 1306. George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. Sec. 1307. Sense of the Senate concerning participation in allied defense cooperation. Subtitle B—Matters Relating to Several Countries Sec. 1311. Limitation on obligation of funds for overseas basing activities. Sec. 1312. Clarification and codification of overseas military end strength limitation. Sec. 1313. Cost-sharing policy and report. Sec. 1314. Report assessing the national security consequences of United States military cooperation programs. Sec. 1315. Review and report regarding Department of Defense programs relating to regional security and host nation development in the Western Hemisphere. Sec. 1316. Military-to-military contacts and comparable activities. Sec. 1317. Extension of authority to enter into certain cooperative agreement authorities to include the United Nations and regional organizations of which the United States is a member. Sec. 1318. Permanent authority for Department of Defense to share equitably the costs of claims under international armaments cooperative programs. Subtitle C—Matters Relating to Specific Countries Sec. 1321. Defense cooperation between the United States and Israel. Sec. 1322. Readiness of military forces of the Republic of Korea. Sec. 1323. Military planning for the size and structure of a force required for a major regional contingency on the Korean peninsula. Sec. 1324. Sense of Congress concerning the North Korean nuclear weapons development program. Sec. 1325. Report on security relationship between the United States and Japan. TITLE XIV—PEACE OPERATIONS AND HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE ACTIVITIES Subtitle A—Peace Operations Sec. 1401. Reports on reforming United Nations peace operations. Sec. 1402. Report on military readiness implications of Bosnia peacekeeping deploy- ment. Sec. 1403. Report on intelligence lessons learned from United States activities in Somalia. Sec. 1404. Bosnia and Herzegovina.