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PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 108 STAT. 2673 Subtitle B—Assistance Activities Sec. 1411. Overseas Humanitarian, Disaster, and Civic Aid Programs. Sec. 1412. Foreign disaster assistance. Sec. 1413. Humanitarian assistance program for clearing landmines. TITLE XV—ARMS CONTROL MATTERS Sec. 1501. Extension and revision of nonproliferation authorities. Sec. 1502. Joint Committee for Review of Counterproliferation Programs of the United States. Sec. 1503. Reports on counterproliferation activities and programs. Sec. 1504. Amounts for counterproliferation activities. Sec. 1505. Studies relating to United States counterproliferation policy. Sec. 1506. Restriction relating to submission of report on proliferation of foreign m ili tary satellites. Sec. 1507. Limitation on funds for studies pending receipt of previously required report. Sec. 1508. Sense of Congress concerning indefinite extenstion of Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Sec. 1509. Negotiation of limitations on nuclear weapons testing. TITLE XVI—RESERVE OFFICER PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT ACT (ROPMA) Sec. 1601. Short title; table of contents. Sec. 1602. References to title 10, United States Code. Subtitle A—Reserve Officer Personnel Management PART I—REVISED AND STANDARDIZED RESERVE OFFICER PERSONNEL SYSTEM Sec. 1611. Promotion and retention of reserve officers. PART II—CONFORMING AMENDMENTS Sec. 1621. Definition of reserve active-status list. Sec. 1622. Authority to suspend officer personnel laws during war or national emergency. Sec. 1623. Active-duty list promotion boards to have authority to recommend that reserve officers considered for promotion be required to show cause for retention on active duty. Sec. 1624. Applicability of chapter 36 to reserve officers during war or national emergency. Sec. 1625. Grade in which reserve officers are ordered to active duty. Sec. 1626. Date of rank. Sec. 1627. Discharge before completion of required service in case of officers having twice failed of selection for captain or navy lieutenant. Sec. 1628. Conforming amendments relating to Navy and Marine Corps officers. Sec. 1629. Repeal of reserve officer personnel policy laws. Sec. 1630. Amendments to title 32, United States Code. Subtitle B—Other Personnel Policy Amendments PART I—APPOINTMENTS Sec. 1631. Repeal of separate authority for accession of women in reserve components. Sec. 1632. Appointment authority for reserve grades of lieutenant colonel and commander. Sec. 1633. Appointment of former commissioned officers in reserve components. Sec. 1634. Constructive credit for appointment of officers in reserve components with qualifying education or experience. Sec. 1635. Computation of years of service for transfer of Army officers to Retired Reserve. Sec. 1636. Repeal of miscellaneous obsolete appointment authorities. PART II—RETIREMENT AND SEPARATION Sec. 1641. Computation of highest grade in which satisfactorily served for reserve commissioned officers and former officers. Subtitle C—Reorganization and Consolidation of Laws Relating to Reserve Components Sec. 1661. Laws relating to organization and administration of reserve components. Sec. 1662. Laws relating to reserve component personnel policy.