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PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 108 STAT. 2677 Sec. 3131. Stockpile stewardship recruitment and training program. Sec. 3132. Defense inertial confinement fusion program. Sec. 3133. Payment of penalties. Sec. 3134. Water management programs. Sec. 3135. Protection of workers at nuclear weapons facilities. Sec. 3136. Limitation on use of program direction funds. Sec. 3137. National security programs. Sec. 3138. Programs for persons who may have been exposed to radiation released from Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Sec. 3139. Limitation on study or relocation of tritium-related activities and operations. Sec. 3140. Hazardous materials management and hazardous materials emergency response training program. Sec. 3141. International Center for Applied Research. Subtitle D—Other Matters Sec. 3151. Accounting procedures for Department of Energy funds. Sec. 3152. Approval for certain nuclear weapons activities. Sec. 3153. Study of feasibility of conducting certain activities at the Nevada Test Site, Nevada. Sec. 3154. Report on waste streams generated by nuclear weapons production cycle. Sec. 3155. Communication of restricted data and formerly restricted data. Sec. 3156. Scholarship and fellowship program for environmental restoration and waste management. Sec. 3157. Report on economic redevelopment and conversion activities resulting from reconfiguration of Department of Energy nuclear weapons complex. Sec. 3158. Office of Fissile Materials Disposition. Sec. 3159. Extension of authority to loan personnel and facilities at Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. Sec. 3160. Elimination of requirement for five-year plan for defense nuclear facilities. Sec. 3161. Authority for appointment of certain scientific, engineering, and technical personnel. Sec. 3162. Use of funds for computer declassification system. Sec. 3163. Safety oversight and enforcement at defense nuclear facilities. TITLE XXXII—DEFENSE NUCLEAR FACILITIES SAFETY BOARD Sec. 3201. Authorization. TITLE XXXIII—NATIONAL DEFENSE STOCKPILE Sec. 3301. Authorized uses of stockpile funds. Sec. 3302. Rotation of materials to prevent technological obsolescence. Sec. 3303. Extension of limitation on authority to dispose of chromium ferro and manganese ferro. Sec. 3304. Limitation on authority to dispose of zinc. Sec. 3305. Limitations on disposal of chromite and manganese ores. Sec. 3306. Report on domestic production of high purity electrolytic chromium metal. TITLE XXXIV—CIVIL DEFENSE Subtitle A—Authorization of Appropriations Sec. 3401. Authorization of appropriations. Subtitle B—Reenactment of Federal Civil Defense Act of 1950 in the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act Sec. 3411. Restatement of Federal civil defense authorities in the Robert T. Staf- ford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act. Sec. 3412. Repeal of Federal Civil Defense Act of 1950. TITLE XXXV—NAVAL PETROLEUM RESERVES Sec. 3501. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 3502. Price requirement on sale of certain petroleum during fiscal year 1995. Sec. 3503. Extension of operating contract for Naval Petroleum Reserve Numbered 1. TITLE XXXVI—PANAMA CANAL COMMISSION Sec. 3601. Short title. Sec. 3602. Authorization of expenditures.