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PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 108 STAT. 3077 to be appropriated in paragraph (1) reduced by $133,900,000, as a result of the productivity savings initiative. (c) WASTE MANAGEMENT. —(1) Subject to paragraph (2), funds are hereby authorized to be appropriated to the Department of Energy for fiscal year 1995 for waste management in carrying out environmental restoration and waste management activities necessary for national security programs in the amount of $2,855,772,000, to be allocated as follows: (A) For operating expenses, $2,390,066,000. (B) For capital equipment, $90,790,000. (C) For plant projects (including maintenance, restoration, planning, construction, acquisition, modification of facilities, and the continuation of projects authorized in prior years, and land acquisition related thereto), $374,916,000, to be allocated as follows: Project GPD-171, general plant projects, various locations, $16,832,000. Project 95-E-600, hazardous materials training center, Richland, Washington, $7,000,000. Project 95-D -401, radiological support facilities, Richland, Washington, $1,585,000. Project 95-D-402, install permanent electrical service, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, New Mexico, $700,000. Project 95-D-403, hazardous waste storage facility. Mound Plant, Miamisburg, Ohio, $597,000. Project 95-D-405, industrial landfill V and construction demolition landfill VII, Y-12 Plant, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, $1,000,000. Project 95-D-406, road 5-01 reconstruction, area 5, Nevada Test Site, Nevada, $2,338,000. Project 95-D-407, 219-S secondary containment upgrade, Richland, Washington, $2,000,000. Project 95-D-408, Phase II liquid effluent treatment and disposal, Richland, Washington, $7,100,000. Project 94-D-400, high explosive wastewater treatment system, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, $1,000,000. Project 94-D-402, liquid waste treatment system, Nevada Test Site, Nevada, $3,292,000. Project 94-D-404, Melton Valley storage tank capacity increase. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, $21,373,000. Project 94-D-406, low-level waste disposal facilities, K-25, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, $6,000,000. Project 94-D -407, initial tank retrieval systems, Richland, Washington, $17,700,000. Project 94-D-408, office facilities—200 East, Richland, Washington, $4,000,000. Project 94-D -411, solid waste operation complex, Richland, Washington, $42,200,000. Project 94-D-416, solvent storage tanks installation, Savannah River, South Carolina, $1,700,000. Project 94-D-417, intermediate-level and low-activity waste vaults. Savannah River, South Carolina, $300,000. Project 93-D-174, plant drain waste water treatment upgrades, Y-12 Plant, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, $1,400,000.