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PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 108 STAT. 3097 (B) The site on the National Priorities List, if the employ- ment of such person, at the time of the appointment of that person pursuant to such subsection, involved remedial actions or other similar activities at the site, (d) TERMINATION.—(1) The authority provided under subsection (a)(1) shall terminate on September 30, 1997. (2) An employee may not be separated from employment with the Department of Energy or receive a reduction in pay by reason of the termination of authority under paragraph (1). SEC. 3162. USE OF FUNDS FOR COMPUTER DECLASSIFICATION SYS- TEM. Of the funds authorized to be appropriated to the Department of Energy under section 3103, $3,000,000 shall be available for a computer system for declassification purposes. SEC. 3163. SAFETY OVERSIGHT AND ENFORCEMENT AT DEFENSE 42 USC 7274m. NUCLEAR FACILITIES. (a) SAFETY AT DEFENSE NUCLEAR FACILITIES.— The Secretary of Energy shall take appropriate actions to ensure that— (1) officials of the Department of Energy who are responsible for independent oversight of matters relating to nuclear safety at defense nuclear facilities and enforcement of nuclear safety standards at such facilities maintain independence from officials who are engaged in, or who are advising persons who are engaged in, management of such facilities; (2) the independent, internal oversight functions carried out by the Department include activities relating to— (A) the assessment of the safety of defense nuclear facilities; (B) the assessment of the effectiveness of Department program offices in carrying out programs relating to the environment, safety, health, and security at defense nuclear facilities; (C) the provision to the Secretary of oversight reports thai^ (i) contain validated technical informs.tion; and (ii) provide a clear analysis of the extent to which line programs governing defense nuclear facilities meet applicable goals for the environment, safety, health, and security at such facilities; and (D) the development of clear performance standards to be used in assessing the adequacy of the programs referred to in subparagraph (C)(ii); (3) the Department has a system for bringing issues relating to nuclear safety at defense nuclear facilities to the attention of the officials of the Department (including the Secretary of Energy) who have authority to resolve such issues in an adequate and timely manner; and (4) an adequate number of qualified personnel of the Department are assigned to oversee matters relating to nuclear safety at defense nuclear facilities and enforce nuclear safety standards at such facilities. (b) REPORT. —Not later than 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall submit to Congress a report describing the following: