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108 STAT. 3150 PUBLIC LAW 103-353 —OCT. 13, 1994 "4332. Reports. "4333. Outreach. " SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL

    • § 4301. Purposes; sense of Congress

"(a) The purposes of this chapter are— "(1) to encourage noncareer service in the uniformed services by eliminating or minimizing the disadvantages to civilian careers and employment which can result from such service; "(2) to minimize the disruption to the lives of persons performing service in the uniformed services as well as to their employers, their fellow employees, and their communities, by providing for the prompt reemployment of such persons upon their completion of such service under honorable conditions; and "(3) to prohibit discrimination against persons because of their service in the uniformed services. "(b) It is the sense of Congress that the Federal Government should be a model employer in carrying out the provisions of this chapter. "§ 4302. Relation to other law and plans or agreements "(a) Nothing in this chapter shall supersede, nullify or diminish any Federal or State law (including any local law or ordinance), contract, agreement, policy, plan, practice, or other matter that establishes a right or benefit that is more beneficial to, or is in addition to, a right or benefit provided for such person in this chapter. "(b) This chapter supersedes any State law (including any local law or ordinance), contract, agreement, policy, plan, practice, or other matter that reduces, limits, or eliminates in any manner any right or benefit provided by this chapter, including the establishment of additional prerequisites to the exercise of any such right or the receipt of any such benefit.

  • <§ 4303. Definitions

"For the purposes of this chapter— "(1) The term 'Attorney General' means the Attorney General of the United States or any person designated by the Attorney General to carry out a responsibility of the Attorney General under this chapter. "(2) The term "benefit', Tjenefit of employment', or 'rights and benefits' means any advantage, profit, privilege, gain, status, account, or interest (other than wages or salary for work performed) that accrues by reason of an employment contract or agreement or an employer policy, plan, or practice and includes rights and benefits under a pension plan, a health plan, an employee stock ownership plan, insurance coverage and awards, bonuses, severance pay, supplemental unemploy- ment benefits, vacations, and the opportunity to select work hours or location of employment. "(3) The term 'employee' means any person employed by an employer. "(4)(A) Except as provided in subparagraphs (B) and (C), the term 'employer' means any person, institution, organization, or other entity that pays salary or wages for work performed or that has control over employment opportunities, including—