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PUBLIC LAW 103-354—OCT. 13, 1994 108 STAT. 3179 Sec. 226. Consolidated Farm Service A|[ency. Sec. 227. State, county, and area committees. Subtitle C—Rural Economic and Community Development Sec. 231. Under Secretary of Agriculture for Rural Economic and Community Development. Sec. 232. Rural Utilities Service. Sec. 233. Rural Housing and Community Development Service. Sec. 234. Riu-al Business and Cooperative Development Service. Sec. 235. Conforming amendments regarding Rural Electrification Administration. Subtitle D—Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services Sec. 241. Under Secretary of Agriculture for Food, Nutrition, €uid Consumer Services. Subtitle E—Natural Resources and Environment Sec. 245. Under Secretary of Agriculture for Natural Resoiirces and Environment. Sec. 246. Natural Resources Conservation Service. Sec. 247. Reorganization of Forest Service. Subtitle F—Research, Education, and Economics Sec. 251. Under Secretary of Agriculture for Research, Education, and Economics. Sec. 252. Program staff. Subtitle G—Food Safety Sec. 261. Under Secretary of Agriculture for Food Safety. Sec. 262. Conditions for implementation of alterations in the level of additives allowed in animal diets. Subtitle H—National Appeals Division Sec. 271. Definitions. Sec. 272. National Appeals Division and Director. Sec. 273. Transfer of^mnctions. Sec. 274. Notice and opportunity for hearing. Sec. 275. Informal hearings. Sec. 276. Right of participants to Division hearing. Sec. 277. Division Hearings. Sec. 278. Director review of determinations of hearing officers. Sec. 279. Judicial review. Sec. 280. Implementation of final determinations of Division. Sec. 281. Conforming amendments relating to National Appeals Division. Sec. 282. Ebcpansion of issues covered by State mediation programs. Sec. 283. Authorization of appropriations. Subtitle I—Miscellaneous Reorganization Provisions Sec. 291. Successorship provisions relating to bargaining units and exclusive representatives. Sec. 292. Piirchase of American-made equipment and products. Sec. 293. Miscellaneous conforming amendments. Sec. 294. Removal of obsolete administrative provisions. Sec. 295. Proposed conforming amendments. Sec. 296. Termination of authority. TITLE m—MISCELLANEOUS Sec. 301. Poultry labeling. Sec. 302. First Amendment rights of employees of the United States Department of Agriculture. Sec. 303. Adjusted cost of thriffy food plan. Sec. 304. Ofnce of Risk Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis. Sec. 305. Fair and equitable treatment of socially disadvantaged producers. Sec. 306. Aviation inspections. TITLE I—FEDERAL CROP INSURANCE f^J^^S^^ REFORM Reform Act of 1994. SEC. 101. SHORT TITLE; REFERENCES. (a) SHORT TITLE.—This title may be cited as the "Federal 7 USC 1501 note. Crop Instirance Reform Act of 1994". 79-194 O—95 —18: QL 3 Part 4