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108 STAT. 3400 PUBLIC LAW 103-355 —OCT. 13, 1994 "(F) In cases in which it is practicable, make payments to contractors by bank card, electronic funds transfer, or other automated methods. "(G) Archive data relating to each procurement action made using such system. "(2) PRIVATE SECTOR USER FUNCTIONS.— Al low private sector users to do the following electronically: "(A) Access notice of solicitations for contract opportunities issued by an executive agency. "(B) Access and review solicitations issued by an executive agency. "(C) Respond to solicitations issued by the executive t' agency. "(D) In cases in which it is practicable, receive orders from the executive agency. "(E) Access information on contract awards (including price) made by the executive agency. "(F) In cases in which it is practicable, receive payment by bank card, electronic funds transfer, or other automated means. "(3) GENERAL FUNCTIONS.— "(A) Allow the electronic interchange of procurement information between the private sector and the Federal Government and among Federal agencies. "(B) Employ nationally and internationaly recognized data formats that serve to broaden and ease the electronic interchange of data. "(C) Allow convenient and universal user access through any point of entry. "(c) NOTICE AND SOLICITATION REGULATIONS.—In connection with implementation of the architecture referred to in subsection (a), the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council shall ensure that the Federal Acquisition Regulation contsdns appropriate notice and ! solicitation provisions applicable to acquisitions conducted through a FACNET capability. The provisions shall specify the required form and content of notices of acquisitions and the minimum periods for notifications of solicitations and for deadlines for the submission of offers under solicitations. Each minimum period specified for a notification of solicitation and each deadline for the submission of offers under a solicitation shall afford potential ofiierors a reasonable opportunity to respond. "(d) ARCHITECTURE DEFINED. —For purposes of this section, the term 'architecture' means the conceptual framework that— "(1) uses a combination of commercial hardware and commercial software to enable contractors to conduct business V with the Federal Government by electronic means; and "(2) includes a description of the functions to be performed to achieve the mission of streamlining procurement through electronic commerce, the system elements and interfaces needed to perform the functions, and the designation of performance levels of those system elements. 41 USC 426a. "SEC. 30A. FEDERAL ACQUISITION COMPUTER NETWORK IMPLE- MENTATION. "(a) CERTIFICATION OF FACNET CAPABILITY IN PROCURING ACTIVITIES AND AGENCIES. —(1) When the senior procurement executive of an executive agency or, in the case of the Department