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108 STAT. 2714 PUBLIC LAW 103-337 —OCT. 5, 1994 (2) the expenditure of funds for assistance for citizen participation on technical review committees and restoration advisory boards under subsection (e) of such section, as added by subsection (b). SEC. 327. PILOT PROGRAM TO DEVELOP AND DEMONSTRATE ENVIRON- MENTAL REMEDIATION TECHNOLOGIES. (a) COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT FOR PILOT PROGRAM.—(1) The Secretary of Defense may enter into a cooperative agreement with an institution of higher education for the purpose of facihtating the development and demonstration of new methods and technologies for more effective and expedient environmental remediation at military installations by engaging in a pilot demonstration project as provided in subsection (b). (2) If the Secretary enters into a cooperative agreement under paragraph (1), the agreement shall authorize the institution of higher education to enter into partnerships or other relationships with private and public entities for purposes of conducting activities under the cooperative agreement. (b) PILOT PROJECT AT DEFENSE LANDFILL. —(1) If the Secretary enters into a cooperative agreement under subsection (a)(1), the agreement shall authorize the institution of higher education to participate in a cooperative pilot demonstration project at a Government landfill described in paragraph (2) if such demonstration project can be carried out in a manner that is consistent with all other actions at such landfill that the Secretary is legally required to undertake. (2) The Government landfill referred to in paragraph (1) is a Government landfill that— (A) is listed on the National Priorities List pursuemt to section 105(a)(8)(B) of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 (42 U.S.C. 9605(a)(8)(B)); and (B) is located on a military installation to be closed pursuant to a base closure law. (c) FUNDING FOR FISCAL YEAR 1995.—Of the amount authorized to be appropriated under section 201(4) and made available for innovative environmental technologies certification, $1,000,000 shall be available for the establishment of the cooperative agreement and the activities necessary to conduct the pilot demonstration project under this section. 10 USC 2701 SEC. 328. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING PROGRAM FOR note DEFENSE PERSONNEL. (a) ESTABLISHMENT.—The Secretary of Defense shall estabhsh and conduct an education and training program for members of the Armed Forces and civilian employees of the Department of Defense whose responsibilities include planning or executing the environmental mission of the Department. The Secretary shall conduct the program to ensure that such members and employees obtain and maintain the knowledge and skill required to comply with existing environmental laws and regulations. (b) IDENTIFICATION OF MILITARY FACILITIES WiTH ENVIRON- MENTAL TRAINING EXPERTISE.— AS part of the program, the Secretary may identify military facilities that have existing expertise (or the capacity to develop such expertise) in conducting education and training activities in various environmental disciplines. In the case of a military facility identified under this subsection, the