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PUBLIC LAW 103-359 —OCT. 14, 1994 108 STAT. 3445 Intelligence of the House of Representatives and the Select Committee on Intelligence of the Senate under the provisions of section 306. "(3) The Attorney General shall immediately transmit under seal to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court a copy of the certification. Such certification shall be maintained under security measures established by the Chief Justice of the United States with the concurrence of the Attorney General, in consultation with the Director of Central Intelligence, and shall remain sealed unless— "(A) an application for a court order with respect to the physical search is made under section 301(4) and section 303; or "(B) the certification is necessary to determine the legality of the physical search under section 305(g). "(4)(A) With respect to physical searches authorized by this subsection, the Attorney General may direct a specified landlord, custodian, or other specified person to— "(i) furnish all information, facilities, or assistance necessary to accomplish the physical search in such a manner as will protect its secrecy and produce a minimum of interference with the services that such landlord, custodian, or other person is providing the target of the physical search; and "(ii) maintain under security procedures approved by the Attorney (General and the Director of Central Intelligence any records concerning the search or the aid furnished that such person wishes to retain. "(B) The Government shall compensate, at the prevailing rate, such landlord, custodian, or other person for furnishing such aid. "(b) Applications for a court order under this title are authorized if the President has, by written authorization, empowered the Attorney General to approve applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a judge of the court to whom application is made may grant an order in accordance with section 304 approving a physical search in the United States of the premises, property, information, or material of a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power for the purpose of collecting foreign intelligence information. "(c) The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court shall have jurisdiction to hear applications for and grant orders approving a physical search for the purpose of obtaining foreign intelligence information anywhere within the United States under the procedures set forth in this title, except that no judge shall hear the same application which has been denied previously by another judge designated under section 103(a) of this Act, If any judge so designated denies an application for an order authorizing a physical search under this title, such judge shall provide immediately for the record a written statement of each reason for such decision and, on motion of the United States, the record shall be transmitted, under seal, to the court of review established under section 103(b). "(d) The court of review established under section 103(b) shall Courts, have jurisdiction to review the denial of any application made under this title. If such court determines that the application was properly denied, the court shall immediately provide for the record a written statement of each reason for its decision and, on petition of the United States for a writ of certiorari, the record shall be