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PUBLIC LAW 103-359—OCT. 14, 1994 108 STAT. 3459 (13) Whether there are areas of redundant or overlapping activity or areas where there is evidence of serious waste, dupHcation, or mismanagement. (14) To what extent, if any, should the budget for United States intelligence activities be publicly disclosed. (15) To what extent, if any, should the United States intelligence community collect information bearing upon private commercial activity and the manner in which such information should be controlled and disseminated. (16) Whether counterintelligence policies and practices are adequate to ensure that employees of intelligence agencies are sensitive to security problems, and whether intelligence agencies themselves have adequate authority and capability to address perceived security problems. (17) The manner in which the size, missions, capabilities, and resources of the United States intelligence community compare to those of other countries. (18) Whether existing collaborative arrangements between the United States and other countries in the area of intelligence cooperation should be maintained and whether such arrangements should be expanded to provide for increased burdensharing. (19) Whether existing arrangements for sharing intelligence with multinational organizations in support of mutually shared objectives are adequate. SEC. 904. REPORTS. (a) INITIAL REPORT.— Not later than two months sifter the first meeting of the Commission, the Commission shall transmit to the congressional intelligence committees a report setting forth its plan for the work of the Commission. (b) INTERIM REPORTS. — Prior to the submission of the report required by subsection (c), the Commission may issue such interim reports as it finds necessary and desirable. (c) FINAL REPORT.— NO later than March 1, 1996, the Commission shall submit to the President and to the congressional intelligence committees a report setting forth the activities, findings, and recommendations of the Commission, including any recommendations for the enactment of legislation that the Commission considers advisable. To the extent feasible, such report shall be unclassified and made available to the public. Such report shall be supplemented as necessary by a classified report or annex, which shall be provided separately to the President and the congressional intelligence committees. SEC. 905. POWERS. (a) HEARINGS.— The Commission or, at its direction, any panel or member of the Commission, may, for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this title, hold hearings, sit and act at times and places, take testimony, receive evidence, and administer oaths to the extent that the Commission or any panel or member considers advisable. (b) INFORMATION FROM FEDERAL AGENCIES.— The Commission may secure directly from any intelligence agency or from any other Federal department or agency any information that the Commission considers necessary to enable the Commission to carry out its responsibilities under this section. Upon request of the Chairman