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B12 SUBJECT INDEX Law Enforcement and Crime— Continued DNA Identification Act of 1994 Drive-By Shooting Prevention Act Drunk Driving Child Protection Act of 1994 Federal Death Penalty Act of 1994 Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act of 1994 Independent Counsel Reauthorization Act of 1994 International Antitrust Enforcement Assistance Act of 1994 Law Enforcement Availability Pay Act of 1994 Law Enforcement Scholarships and Recruitment Act Money Laundering Suppression Act of 1994 Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act Police Corps Act Public Safety Partnership and Community Policing Act of 1994 Safe Homes for Women Act of 1994 Safe Streets for Women Act of 1994 Safer Streets and Neighborhoods Act of1994 Violence Against Women Act of 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 Violent Crime Control Appropriations Act, 1995 Lawyers and Counsels Independent Counsel Reauthorization Act of 1994 Office of Special Counsel, reauthorization Lithographs Vegetable Ink Printing Act of 1994 Livestock See Animals Lizzi, Barbara Johnson Loans Farmers Home Administration Improvement Act of 1994 Small business development company, authorization increase Small Business Loan Securitization and Secondary Market Enhancement Act of 1994 Timber-Dependent communities, eligibility Locks and Dams Confederated Tribes of the ColvUle Reservation Grand Coulee Dam Settlement Act Page 2065 1971 1996 1959 694 732 4597 2425 2057 2243 2074 2049 1807 1925 1903 2121 1902 1796 1777 732 4361 3133 .5062 619 1422 2198 4373 4577 Page Indian Dams Safety Act of 1994 1560 Louisiana Cane River Creole National Historical Park and National Heritage Area Act 4757 Edwin Ford Hunter, Jr., United States Courthouse, designation 47 George Arceneaux, Jr., United States Courthouse, designation 46 John Minor Wisdom United States Court of Appeals Building, designation 690 M Maps Coastal Barrier Resource System, corrections 4804 Marine Manunals Interim commercial fisheries exemption, temporary extension 281 Marine Mammal Protection Act Amendments of 1994 532 Maritime Affairs National Maritime Heritage Act of 1994 4769 Vessels 561, 1462, 2838,3508 Marketing See Business and Industry Commerce and Trade Maryland Piscataway Park Expansion Act of 1994 3146 Massachusetts Frederick C. Murphy Federal Center, designation 380 Jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, designation 620 Medals See Decorations, Medals, Awards Merit Systems Protection Board, appropriation authorization 4361 Mexico United States-Mexico Border Health Commission Act 4169 Michigan George W. Young Post Office, designation 4629 Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians and the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians Act 2156 Theodore Levin Courthouse, designation 4208 Theodore Levin United States Courthouse 4629 Middle East Middle East Peace Facilitation Act of 1994 488 Midwest Floods See Disaster Assistance