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SUBJECT INDEX B15 Page Arturo R. Watlington, Sr. Post Office, VI, designation 4070 Aubrey C. Ottley Post Office, VI, designation 3124 Candace White Post Office, NJ, designation 3123 Fannie Lou Hamer Post Office, MS, designation 4798 George W. Young Post Office, MI, designation 4629 Graham B. Purcell, Jr. Post Office Building, TX, designation 4069 Gus Yatron Postal Facility, PA, designation 1706 Jerry L. Litton United States Post Office, MO, designation 3114 Marian Oldham Post Office, MO, designation 4803 Medgar Wiley Evans Post Office, MS, designation 712 Postal Service Appropriations Act, 1995 2392 Reemployed annuitants, exclusionary authority, extension 2661 Roy M. Wheat Post Office, MS, designation 3122 Samuel E. Perry Post Office Building, VA, designation 1455 Ubaldina Simmons Post Office, VI, designation 4797 Wilbert Armstrong Post Office, VI, designation 4802 William J. Randall Post Office, MO, designation 4801 Presidents and Vice Presidents President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Extension Act of 1994 3128 Prisons and Prisoners Family Unity Demonstration Project Act 1892 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 1796 Privacy Driver's Privacy Protection Act of 1994 2099 Proclamations ACTION Agency, transfer of functions, Corporation for National and Community Service 5550 Deaths Iraq, death of those aboard American helicopters 5560 Richard Milhous Nixon 5566 Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr 5529 Immigration, United Nations Security Council Resolution 942 5659 Liberia, immigrant and nonimmigrant entry, suspension 5637 Nigeria, immigrant and nonimmigrant entry, suspension 5127,5575 Page Republic of Palau, Compact of Free Association, implementation 5631 Special observances Agriculture Day 103,5545 American Heart Month 5533 American Indian Heritage Month 4805,5666 American Red Cross Month 5540 Americans with Disabilities Act, anniversary 5611 Apollo Anniversary Observance 1408,5610 Armed Forces Day 5584 Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month 5576 Bill of Rights Day 5128 Breast Cancer Awareness Month 3473,5646 Cancer Control Month 5552 Captive Nations Week 5609 Character Counts Week 1558,5652 Child Health Day 5634 Children's Day 3463,5641 Citizenship Day 5625 Classical Music Month 621,5620 Columbus Day 5644 Constitution Day 4808 Constitution Week 5625 Consumers Week 5657 Country Music Month 5651 Crime Prevention Month... 3132,5640 Crime Victims' Rights Week 5568 D-Day National Remembrance Day 691,5590 Day of Prayer 5557 Day of Reconciliation 5549 Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, fifth anniversary 5527 Defense Transportation Day 5579 Disability Employment Awareness Month 5636 Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month 5124 Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A. 282,5546 Energy Awareness Month 5633 Family Caregivers Week... 1790,5663 Farm-City Week 5667 Farm Safety and Health Week 5626 Father's Day 5595 Fire Prevention Week 5643 Firefighters Day 5131 Flag Day 5592 Flag Week 5592 Forest Products Week 5653 Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day 5551 Gang Violence Prevention Week 5621