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B18 SUBJECT INDEX Page Schneerson, Rabbi Menachem Mendel 4799 Science and Technology Computer Abuse Amendments Act of 1994 2097 DNA Identification Act of 1994 2065 Goals 2000: Educate America Act 125 International Center for Applied Research, SC, establishment 3089 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1995 2663 Technology for Education Act of 1994 3636 Technology-Related Assistance for Individuals With Disabilities Act Amendments of 1994 50 Workers Technology Skill Development Act 4051 Securities Securities and Exchange Commission, fee collections 3148 Unlisted Trading Privileges Act of 1994 4081 Sheep See Animals Shrontz, Frank Anderson 614 Small Business Development company loans, increase 1422 Small Business Administration Reauthorization and Amendments Act of 1994 4175 Small Business Loan and Securitization and Secondary Market Enhancement Act of 1994 2198 Small Business Prepayment Penalty ReliefAct ofl994 4198 Smith, James Webster 2774 Smithsonian Institution Board of Regents, appointments... 614,615 Soap Box Derby Association 5104 Soo Line Railroad Company 3512 South Carolina Charleston Naval Base, land conveyance 561 Donald Stuart Russell Federal Courthouse, designation 37 Matthew J. Perry, Jr. United States Courthouse, designation 3462 North Charleston, land exchange 1418 Sports Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act 3969 Recreational Hunting Safety and Preservation Act of 1994 2121 World athletic participants, personal effects, duty suspension 530 Stanley, James B 5066 Sterilization See Family Planning Taxes Payments in Lieu of Taxes Act Teachers See Education Telemarketing See Commerce and Trade Terrell, John J Terrorism Counterintelligence and Security Enhancements Act of 1994 Texas A. Maceo Smith Federal Building, designation Brownsville Wetlands Policy Center at the Port of Brownsville, Texas, designation George H. Mahon Federal Building and United States Courthouse, designation Graham B. Purcell, Jr. Post Office Building, designation Sam B. Hall, Jr. Federal Building and United States Courthouse, designation San Angelo Federal reclamation project, irrigable acreage Tigers See Fish and Wildlife Timber See Forest and Forestry Transportation See also Highways and Roads Airport Improvement Program Temporary Extension Act of 1994 Aviation Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act of 1994 Federal Aviation Administration Research, Engineering, and Development Act of 1994 General Aviation Revitalization Act of1994 Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 1995 Hazardous Materials Transportation Authorization Act of 1994 Independent Safety Board Act Amendments of 1994 Railroads Federal Railroad Safety Authorization Act of 1994 Railroad Right-of-Way Conveyance Validation Act Soo Line Railroad, labor dispute Page 4156 4795 3434 . 44 338 1453 4069 1455 4538 698 1569 1589 1552 2471 1673 4236 4619 5057 3512