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B8 SUBJECT INDEX Page Exports and Imports—Continued Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Act of 1994 507 Sheep Promotion, Research, and Information Act of 1994 4210 Uruguay Round Agreements Act 4809 World athletic participants, personal effects, duty suspension 530 Family Planning Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Appropriations Act, 1995 1608 Farms See Agriculture Federal Buildings and Facilities A. Maceo Smith Federal Building, TX, designation 44 Almeric L. Christian Federal Building, VI, designation 1449 Alvaro de Lugo Post Office, VI, designation 2661 Arturo R. Watlington, Sr. Post OfiRce, VI, designation 4070 Aubrey C. Ottley Post Office, VI, designation 3124 Brien McMahon Federal Building, CT, designation 1403 Byron White United States Courthouse, CO, designation 610 Candace White Post Office, NJ, designation 3123 Charles Evans Whittaker United States Courthouse, MO, designation 1402 Clarkson S. Fisher Federal Building and United States Courthouse, NJ, designation 43 Donald Stuart Russell Federal Courthouse, SC, designation 37 Edward J. Schwartz Courthouse and Federal Building, CA, designation 1454 Edwin Ford Hunter, Jr., United States Courthouse, LA, designation 47 Evo A. DeConcini Federal Building and United States Courthouse, AZ, designation 2414 Fannie Lou Hammer Post Office, MS, designation 4798 Frederick C. Murphy Federal Center, MA, designation 380 George Arceneaux, Jr., United States Courthouse, LA, designation 46 George H. Mahon Federal Building and United States Courthouse, TX, designation 1453 George W. Young Post Office Building, MI, designation 4629 Graham B. Purcell, Jr. Post Office Building, TX, designation 4069 Gus Yatron Postal Facility, PA, designation International Center for Applied Research, SC, establishment Jamie L. Whitten Federal Building, DC, designation Jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, MA, designation Jerry L. Litton United States Post Office Building, MO, designation John Longo, Jr. Post Office, MS, designation John Minor Wisdom United States Court of Appeals Building, LA, designation Marian Oldham Post Office, MO, designation Matthew J. Perry, Jr. United States Courthouse, SC, designation Medgar Wiley Evers Post Office, MS, designation Old U.S. Mint, CA, transfer acquisition Potter Stewart United States Courthouse, OH, designation Richard Boiling Federal Building, MO, designation Roy M. Wheat Post Office, MS, designation Sam B. Hall, Jr. Federal Building and United States Courthouse, TX, designation Samuel E. Perry Post Office Building, VA, designation Theodore Levin Courthouse, MI, designation Theodore Levin United States Courthouse, MI, designation Thomas F. Eagleton United States Courthouse, MO, designation Ubaldina Simmons Post Office, VI, designation Warren B. Rudman United States Courthouse, NH, designation Wilbert Armstrong Post Office, VI, designation William H. Natcher Federal Building and United States Courthouse, KY, designation WUliam J. Randall Post Office, MO, designation Woodrow Wilson Plaza, DC, designation Fellowships and Scholarships Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship Act of 1994 Page 1706 3089 4206 620 3114 4790 690 4803 3462 712 1672 . 45 1402 3122 1455 4235 4208 4629 1557 4797 4206 4802 4206 4801 1448 4042