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'-•i^f«" -*- -' -"" PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 108 STAT. 3725 "(iv) ensures accountability in achieving high academic standards; and "(v) promotes coordination of services for the children and youth of limited-English proficiency to be served and their families. "(C) A description, if appropriate, of the applicant's collaborative activities with institutions of higher education, community-based organizations, local or State educational agencies, private schools, nonprofit organizations, or businesses in carrying out the proposed program. "(D) An assurance that the applicant will not reduce the level of State and local funds that the applicant expends for bilingual education or special alternative instruction programs if the applicant receives an award under this subpart. "(E) An assurance that the applicant will employ teachers in the proposed program that, individually or in combination, are proficient in English, including written, as well as oral, communication skills. "(F) A budget for grant funds. "(2) ADDITIONA]^ INFORMATION.—Each application for a grant under section 7114 or 7115 shall— " (A) describe— "(i) current services the applicant provides to children and youth of limited-English proficiency; "(ii) what services children and youth of limited- English proficiency will receive under the grant that such children or youth will not otherwise receive; "(iii) how funds received under this subpart will be integrated with all other Federal, State, local, and private resources that may be used to serve children and youth of limited-English proficiency; "(iv) specific achievement and school retention goals for the children and youth to be served by the proposed program and how progress toward achieving such goals will be measured; and "(v) current family education programs if applicable; and "(B) provide assurances that— "(i) the program funded will be integrated with the overall educational program; and "(ii) the application has been developed in consultation with an advisory council, the majority of whose members are parents and other representatives of the children and youth to be served in such programs, "(h) APPROVAL OF APPLICATIONS.—An application for a grant under this subpart may be approved only if the Secretary determines that— "(1) the program will use qualified personnel, including personnel who are proficient in the language or languages used for instruction; "(2) in designing the program for which application is made, the needs of children in nonprofit private elementary and secondary schools have been taken into account through consultation with appropriate private school officials and, consistent with the number of such children enrolled in such schools in the area to be served whose educational needs are of the