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PROCLAMATION 6641—DEC. 15, 1993 108 STAT. 5313 Annex II (con.) - 14- Section (A). (con.) 22(a). (con.): [Woven fabrics of synthetic. [Other woven fabrics... Other: - il ((co n.)] H [(con.)] 540 7.6 0.9 1 Uhody of polyester, of single yams •easuring not less than 75 decitex but not more than 80 decitex, havins 24 filanents (ler yam and with a tuiSt of 900 or more turns per Meter... 17X 1.7X (IL) 81X 6.8X (CA) [See Annex III(B) to this ProclanBtiof V] ( MX) »407.60.99 Othw 17X 1.7X (IL) 815C" 6.8X (CA) [See Annex III(B) to this Proclamation] ()«(} (b). Conforming change: The article description for subheading 9905.00.30 Is modified by deleting "5407.60.20" and Inserting "5407.60.91" and "5407.60.99" In numerical sequence In lieu thereof. 23(a). Subheadings 5408.22.00, 5408.23.10, 5408.23.20 and 5408.24.00 are superseded and the following Inserted In numerical sequence: "5408.22 5408.22. 10 [Uoven fabrics of artificial...:] [Other Hoven fabrics...:] DyKl: Of cn)r—oniua rayon. 17X [Of yams of different colors:] The thread couit of which per as (treating lultiple (folded) or cabled yams as single threads) is over 69 but not over 142 in the warp and over 31 but not over 71 in the filling: Of ofraMBon ius ray on 24.3«/kg + 22.5X 2k.Ufl(a* 22.5X 1.75t (IL) 6.8X (CA) [See Annex 111(B) to this Proclantion] (m) 1.7X (IL) 6.8X (CA) [See Amex III(B) to this Proclamation] (HX) 2.4«/kg * 2.3X (IL) 9.7«/kg + 9X (CA) [See Amex III(B) to this Proclamation] (MX) 2.4«/kg + 2.3X ( IL) 9.7t/kg • 9X (CA) [See Annex III(B) to this ProclMBtion) (MX) 24.3«/lcg + 81X SIX