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108 STAT. 5332 PROCLAMATION 6641—DEC. 15, 1993 Annex II (con.) -33- Section (A). (con.) 64. Subheading 8501.32.40 is superseded by: [Electric aotors and generators...:] [Other DC aoton; DC generatort:] [Of an output exceeding 750 U but not exceeding 75 kU:] [Motors:] "Other: 8501.32.45 Electric motors of a kind used as the primary source of mechanical power for electrically powered vehicles of subheading 8703.90 Free SSS 8501.32.55 Other Free 3W 65(a). Subheadings 8503.00.40 and 8503.00.60 are superseded by: [Parts suitable for use solely or...:] "Stators and rotors for the goods of heading 8501: 8503.00.35 For motors of wider 18.65 U 10X Free (A.B,E,IL,J, 90X MX) «X(CA> 8503.00.55 Other 3X Free (A,B,CA,E,IL, 35X J.MX) Other: 8503.00.75 For motors of mder 18.65 U 10X Free (A,8,E,IL,J. 90X NX) 4X (CA) 8503.00.85 Other SX Free (A,B,CA,E,IL. 35»" J,HX) (b). Conforming change: The article description for subheading 9902.85.03 is modified by deleting "8503.00.60" and inserting "8503.00.55 or 8503.00.85" in lieu thereof. 66(a). Subheadings 8504.40.00 and 8504.90.00 are superseded and the following inserted in numerical sequence: [Electrical transformers, static converters...:] "8504.40 Static converters: 8404.40.40 Speed drive controllers for electric motors 3X Free (A,B,C,CA,E, 35X IL.J.HX) 8504.40.80 Other 3X Free (A,B,C,CA,E, 35X IL.J.MX) [Other in duc tor s] 8504.90 Parts: 8504.90.60 Printed circuit assaifalies 3X Free (A,B.CA,E,IL, 35X J.MX) 8504.90.90 Other 3X Free (A.B,CA,E,IL, 35X" J.MX) (b). Conforming change: The article descriptions for subheadings 9902.85.25 and 9902.85.26 are modified by deleting "8504.40.00" and inserting "8504.40" in lieu thereof.