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PROCLAMATION 6641—DEC. 15, 1993 108 STAT. 5425 Annex II (con.) - 126- Section (A). (con.) 123. (con.): Good! of Mexico, under the terns of general note 12 to the tariff schedule (con.): 9906.95.01 Articles (except parts) provided for in si±headii« 9502.99.30 or 9503.90.20, valued not over 5* per unit Brooms, other than liiiskbrocms, wholly or in part of brooai com: Valued over 96* each (provided for in subheading 9603.10.60): Broons originating in Mexico not to exceed 100,000 dozen entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consuaption in any calendar year.... 9906.96.02 Other [See Annex 11 KB) to this Proclamation] (MX)" Section (B). Subheading 4016.10.00 Is modified by Inserting the symbol "B" in the Rates of Duty 1 Special subcolumn, In alphabetical sequence in the parentheses following the rate of duty of "Free" In such subcolumn, effective with respect to (1) goods entered, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after January 1, 1994, and (2) pursuant to sections 201 and 203 of the Automotive Products Act of 1965, upon importer request within 90 days of the date of signature'of this proclamation for retroactive rellquldation of entries occurring during the period January 1, 1989, through December 31, 1993, Inclusive, of goods to which'the rate of duty provided herein would have applied if entered on January 1, 1994.