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This page needs to be proofread.

CD CO Annex III (con.) •45- Section (B). (con.) cn o O O o o p CO CO S<i< w« <t n| S206.(1.00 S206.t2.X S2 a6.«3. 00 S2(l6.U.0a S206.tS.n 5207.10.00 S 207.90.00 S2oe.n.20 S2 0e.ii. u) S2oe.n.«o S2a6.12.40 U0e.l2.M s2oe.i*.ui S20e.l9.U S20a.21.20 S20e.21.40 S20a.21.60 S 20e.22. U) S20a.22.M 520S.22.a0 520e.2V.40 S20e.2«.6O S2oe.ii.4o S20S.I1.M S20a.I2.3O S20e.I2.40 S2ae.».40 S208.I9.M S2oa.».ao 520S.41.40 S20e.41.M S20e.42.30 520e.42.40 5200.4 2.50 9.«X 9.U 9.<X 9.U 9.<X 4.7> 4.7X 6.S I S.1> It.5% 10.7X 6.St e.u I0.7X 6.S« a. It 10.7X 7.U 9.U 1I.6X 7.«X 9. IX II.U 7.6X 9.1« ll.iX a. «x 10. IX 12.5X I.6X 10.IX I2.5X (.61 10. IX 12.5X e.u 10.1X 12.St S.iX 12.5% 9.2X 9.2X 7.7X 7.7X 7.7X 7.7X 7.7X ].ax ].sx 5.2X 6.St 1I.2X e.6x 5.2t 6.5t i.tX S.2X «.5X I.6X 6.1X 7,3X 9.IX 6. IX 7.3X 9.B 6. IX 7.3t