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PROCLAMATION 6763—DEC. 23, 1994 109 STAT. 1073 An nex (co n.) -24- Sect lon A. (co ntin ued) (16)(a). Subheadings 0403.10.00, 0403.90.10, 0403.90.15, 0403.90.40, 0403.90.50, 0403.90.60, 0403.90.70, 0403.90.75 and 0403.90.80 and the superior text immed iately preceding su bheading 040 3.90.50 are su pers eded and the following provisions inserted in numtirical sequence: (ButtcraUk, curdtad milk...:] •040 3.10 Yogu rt: In dry fora: 0403.10.05 Ocurilwd in general note 15 of the tariff a chedu le and entered pursuant to ita provisions 20X Free (E,IL,J,NX> 20 X a (CA) 0403. 10.10 Desc ribed in a dditional U. S. note 10 to this chapter and entered pursuant to its provisions 20X Free(E,IL,J) 20X a (CA) 0403. 10.50 Other tSee section See 9906.04.32- S1.217 /kg + D to this 9906.04.34 (NX) 20X Ame x) 0403.1 0.90 Other [Sec section Free (E,IL,J,NX) 20X" D to this 6X ICA) Anne x] [Other:] [Sour creaai containing not over 45 percent by we ight o f butt erfa t; butt ers ilk: ] [Fluid:] [Sour crean:] "040 3.90.02 Described in general note 15 of the tariff s chedule and entered pursuant to ii ts provisions 3.2c/lite r Free (E,IL,J,NX) 15«/Mter 0.9(/liter (CM) 040 3.90. 04 Descri bed in additional U.. S. note 5 to th'is chapter and entered pursuant to 'i ts provisions.. 3.2c/lite r Free (E, IL, J) 15«/ liter 0. 9t/l iter (CA) 040 3.90. 16 Other [See section See 9906.04.36 - 90. 8«/l iter ' D to this 9906.04.38 (NX) Annex]