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109 STAT. 1144 PROCLAMATION 6763—DEC. 23, 1994 Annex (con.) -9 5- S ection A. (contin ued) (37)(a). (con.): [Chocolate and other...:] [Other, in blocks, slabs or bars:] [Not fi lled:] Pr epar ation s consist ing u holly of ground cocoa beans, with or without added cocoa fat, flavoring o r emulsi fying a gents, and containing not more than 32 percent by weight o f butterfat or other milk solids and not more than 60 percent by weight of su gar (con.): Con taining b utterfat o r other milk sol ids (excluding articles for consunption at retail as candy o r con fect ion) (con.): Other: Descr ibed i n additio nal U.S. note 3 to this chapter and entered pursuant to its provisions 5X Free ( A,E, IL,J) 40X 1.5X (CA) Other: C ontain ing less than 2 1 percent by weight of milk solids... [See section See 990 6.1 8.70 - 43.8t /kg * D to this 9906.18.72 (MX) 5X Ann ex] Other [See section Se e 9906.18.34- 62.1 «/kg -» D to this 99 06.1 8.36 (M X) SX Ann ex] Other [See section Free (A,E,IL,J,MX) 40X" D to this 1.5X (CA) Annex ] Other: De scrib ed i n general note 15 of the tariff sched ule and entered pursuant to its provisions... 7X Free (A,E,IL,J,MX) 40X 2.IX (CA)