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PROCLAMATION 6763—DEC. 23, 1994 109 STAT. 1163 Ann ex ( con.) -114- Sectlo n A. (con tinue d) (43)(a). Subheading s 2 005. 70.11, 2005.70.13, 2 005. 70. 15. 2005.70. 21. 2005. 70.22, 2005. 70.81 and 2005.70.83 a r e super seded and th e following provisions inserted in nu meric al s equen ce: COther vegetables prepared or preserved...:] [Olives:] [ In a sali ne solu tion:] [Green in color:] [Not p itted:] "Ripe, i n con tainers each holding less than 13 leg, drained He ight: In an aggregate quantity not to exceed 730 metric tons entered in any calend ar year . 5.4(/lcg on drain ed weight [See section D to this Annex ] Free (A,E,IL, J) I.M/lcg o n dr ained wei ght ( CA) 4.3«/lcg on dra ine d wei ght (MX) Free (ID 2.2t/lcg on dr ained wei ght ( CA) 5.9«/lcg on dra ine d wei ght (MX) TAt/ka on drai ned weight 7.4t/l(g on dr ained w eigh t" [Other:] "In coiitainers each holding more than 8lig, dr ained we ight, ce rtifie d by the inp orter to be used for repacking o r sale as green o live s: De scrib ed add itional M.S. note4 to this chapter an d <5ntered ixjrsusnt to its provisions 3.7t/kg on Free (A.E.IL.J) 7.4(/kg on dra ined 1. 1c/kg on drai ned wei ght drai ned weight weight ( CA) 2.9t/kg on drai ned weight ( MX)