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PROCLAMATION 6763—DEC. 23, 1994 109 STAT. 1165 Annex (con.) -116- Section A. (c ontinue d) (43)(a). (con.): [ Other v egeta bles prepared o r preserve d...:} [Olives:] [In a saline solution:] [Green in color:] [Pitted or stuffed:] [Place packed:] Stuffe d, in conta iners each holding not store than 1 kg, drain ed weight <co n.}: Other [See section D to this Anne x] Free (ID 3.2«/ kg on d rained weight (CA) 8. 6</kg on d rain ed we ight (MX) 10. 8«/kg on drain ed weight Other [See section Free (I D D to this Annex ] [Otherwise pr epared o r pres erved:] "Green, in containers each holding less than 13 kg, drain ed weigh t: In an aggregate quantity not to exceed 550 metric tons in any cal endar year. 3. Z(/kg on d rain ed weight (CA) 8. 6«/kg on d rained weight (NX) 10.8 «/kg ( d rained weig ht" 5.5c/ kg on drai ned weight [See section D to this Anne x] [See section D to this Annex ] Free (E,IL, J) 1.6«/k g on d rain ed weight ((Ul) 4.4t/kg on d rai ned weight (MX) Free ( ID 3.3</ kg on drain ed weight (C A) 8.8</kg on drain ed weight ( MX) Free (E,U,J) 3.3*/kg on drain ed weight (C A) 8.8</ kg on drai ned weight ( MX) lU/ kg on drain ed weigh t nt/kg on dr aine d weig ht" lit/kg on dra ined weig ht" 99-194O-95 -7:QL3Part2