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109 STAT. 1228 PROCLAMATION 6763—DEC. 23, 1994 Annex (con.) -179 - Secti on A. (contin ued) (135)(a). (con.): [Het erocyclic c cnpounds wit h ox ygen...;] [Other:] [Aromatic:] [Other:] "29 32.90. 60 Pro duc ts d escrib ed in additional U.S. note 3 to sect ion VI [See section Free (CA.E.IL.J, 15.4e/kg • D to this K.HX) 52X Annex] 293 2.90. 70 Other [See section Free (CA,E,IL,J, 15.4«/kg • D to this K,L,MX> S2X Annex] Other: 293 2.90. 80 Ca lciun l actob ionat e; an d Paraldehyde, USP grade Free 2SX 2 932. 90.9 0 Other 3.7* Free (A*,CA, E,I L, 25X" J. K.M X) (b). Conforming changes: (i) General note 4(d) is modified by deleting "2932.90.10 India" and "2932.90.50 India" and inserting "2932.90.08 India" and "2932.90.90 India" in numerical sequence in lieu thereof; and (ii) Headings 9902.29.62, 9902.29.98, 9902.30.78, 9902.30.79 and 9902.30.83 are deleted. (136)(a). Subheadings 2933.19.10, 2933.19.25, 2933.19.40, 2933.19.42 and 2933.19.50 are superseded and the following provisions inserted in numerical sequence: [Heterocyclic compounds with nitrogen...:] [Compounds containing an unfused pyrazole rin g...: ] [Other:] [Aronatic or modified aromatic:] "2933.19.04 Aminomethylphenylpyrazole (Phenylmethytaminopyrazote); and 3-Het hyl -1-(p-t oly l)-2 - pyrazolin-5 -one (p-Totylmethylpyrazolone)... Free 15.4«/kg • 39.5X