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109 STAT. 1272 PROCLAMATION 6763—DEC. 23, 1994 Annex (con.) -2 23- Section A. (continued) (208)(a). Subheading 5806.10.20 is superseded by: [Narrow Hoven fabrics, other than goods...:] [Woven pile fabrics (including...:]

    • 0f man-made fibers:

5806.10.24 Fastener fabric tapes 7X Free (ID 68.5X 2.8X ((») 5.2X (MX) 5806.10.28 Other [See section Free (ID iS.5%" 0 to this 2.8X (CA) Annex] 6.8X (NX) (b). Conforming change: Heading 9902.58.06 and subheading 9906.58.01 are deleted. (209). Subheadings 5807.10.10 and 5807.90.10 are superseded and the following provisions inserted in nijmerical sequence: [Labels, badges and similar articles of...:] [Woven:] •Labels: 5807.10.05 Of cotton or man-made fibers [See secti on Free (I D 71.5 X 0 to this 2.7X (CA) Annex] 6.5X (NX) 5807.10.15 Other [See secti on Free (E», IL,J*> 71.5X" 0 to this 2.7X (U) Annex] 6.5X (NX) [Other:] •La bel s: 5807.90.05 Of cotton or man-fflsde fibers [See section Free (ID 71. 5X 0 to this 2.7X (CM Annex] 6.5% (NX) 5807.90.15 Other [See section Free (E*,IL,J*) 71.5X" D to this 2.7X (CA) Amex] 6.5X (NX) (210)(a). S ubheadi ngs 58 08.10.20 an d 580 8.10.30 a r e superse ded and t he following provisions inserted in numeri cal s equen ce: [Braids in the piece; ornamental trimnings...:] [Braids, in the piece:] [Suitable for making or ornamenting hea due ar:] "5808.10.40 Of cotton or nan-made fibers [See section Free (IL,NX) 90X D to this IX (CA) Annex] 5808.10.50 Of other textile materials [See section Free (E*,IL,J*,MX) 90X 0 to this IX (CA) Annex]