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109 STAT. 1306 PROCLAMATION 6763—DEC. 23, 1994 Annex (con.) -257- Section A. ( contin ued) (290)(a). Subheading 7011.20.50 Is superseded by: [61MS •nrntopM (including bulbs and...:] [For cathods-ray tubes:] •Other: 7011.20.40 Monochroae glass anvelopes with both (1) gray, tintad, skirtad facaplatas, and (2) aither a vidao display diagonal of not •ora than 3S.6 cai or a transaission level of 37 percent or less, all of said envelopes certified by the iaporter as being for actual use in coaputer data and graphic display cathode ray tiiaas Free 55X 7011.20.a0 Other [See section Free (A,CA,E,IL, 55X* D to this J,NX) Annex] (b). Conforming change: Heading 9902.70.11 Is deleted. (291). Subheading 7017.90.00 Is superseded by: [Laboratory, hygienic or pharaacautical glasSHsre...:] •7017.90 Other: 7017.90.10 Microscope slides and Micro cover glasses [See section Free (A,E,IL,J, 85X D to this NX) Annex] 2.5X (U) 7017.90.S0 Other... [See section Free (A,E,IL,J, 85X* D to this NX) . Annex] 2.5X (CA)