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PROCLAMATION 6763—DEC. 23, 1994 109 STAT. 1051 Ann ex (con.) -2- Sectl on A. (c ontinu ed) (3). (con.): (b). in subdivision (c) inserting after the end of the first sentence of text the following provisions, with the remaining existing text of such subdivision to appear at the same level of indentation as such first sentence of text: "The foltowing articles My not be designated as an eligible article for purposes of the GSP: (l> textile and apparel articles which are subject to textile agreeewnts; (ii) Hatches, except as deterained by the President pursuant to section 503(c)(1)(B) of the Trade Act of 1974, as amended; (iii) iaport-sensitive electronic articles; (iv) iiMrt-scnsitive steel articles; (y> footwear, handbags, luggage, flat: goods, work gloves and leather wearing apparel, the foregoing which were not eligible articles for purposes of the GSP on April 1, 1984; (vi) inport-sensitive seniiaanufactured and manufactured glass products; (vii) any agricultural product of chapters 2 through 52, inclusive, that is sti>Ject to a tariff-rate quota, if entered in a quantity in excess of the in-quota quantity for such product; and (viii) any other articles which the Preiiident determines to be inport-sensitive in the context of the GSP." (c). in subdivision (d) deleting the following provisions and the countries set out opposite them: 1515.30.40 India 2936.27.00 India 2941.40.00 India 3004.50.50 India 2907.15.30 India 293A.2B.00 India 2941.50.00 India 3005.10.10 India 2908.20.08 India 2936.90.00 India 2941.90.10 India 3005.10.50 India 2909.49.05 India 2937.10.00 India 2941.90.50 India 3005.90.10 India 2914.61.00 India 2937.21.00 India 3001.10.00 India 3005.90.50 India 2918.12.00 India 2937.22.00 India 3001.20.00 India 3006.10.00 India 2918.13.10 India 2937.29.00 India 3002.90.10 India 3006.40.00 India 2918.13.20 India 2937.91.00 India 3003.31.00 India 3006.50.00 India 2918.13.30 India 2937.92.10 India 3003.39.10 India 3006.60.00 India 2918.17.10 India 2939.10.50 India 3003.40.00 India 3407.00.20 India 2935.00.30 India 2939.30.00 India 3003.90.00 India 3811.11.10 India 2935.00.33 India 2939.50.00 India 3004.10.10 India 3811.11.50 India 2936.10.00 India 2939.60.00 India 3004.20.00 India 4104.10.20 Argentina 2936.21.00 India 2939.70.00 India 3004.31.00 India 4104.10.40 Brazil; 2936.22.00 India 2939.90.10 India 3004.32.00 India Ind ia 2936.24.00 India 2939.90.50 India 3004.39.00 India 2936.25.00 India 2941.10.20 India 3004.40.00 India 2936.26.00 India 2941.30.00 India 3004.50.30 India (4). General note 6 is modified by deleting "imported article has been imported for use in civil aircraft" and inserting "imported article is a civil aircraft or has been imported for use in civil aircraft" in lieu thereof and by deleting "that the article has been approved" and inserting "that such article has been approved" in lieu thereof. (5). General note 7(d) is modified by: (a), in subdivisions (1) and (11) deleting "1702.90.31, 1806.10.41, 1806.10.42, and 2106.90.11" and Inserting "1702.90.20 and 2106.90.44" in lieu thereof; and