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PROCLAMATION 6763—DEC. 23, 1994 109 STAT. 1067 Ann ex (con.) - 18- Sec tion A. (co ntinu ed) . (13). (con.): 25. The aggregate quantity of SNISS or EnmentaLer cheese with eye formation, the foregoing goods entered under subheading 0406.90.46 in any calendar year shall not exceed the quantities specified in this note (in^rts from Mexico shall not be permitted or included under the aforementioned quantitative limitation and no such article* shall be classifiable therein). Argentina Australia Au s tria Canada Czech Republic EC 12 Finland mmttrr iMlaid larMi Wanmt ' tMdin SHitzerland Other countries or areas Ouant i ty (kg> 80,000 500,000 6,316,667 70,000 400,000 6,116,667 8,200,000 400,000 300,000 27,000 6,883,000 300,000 3,463,333 85,276 Iii|»rts under these provisions require impart licenses, in accordance uith terms and conditions provided in regulations issued by theSecretary of Agriculture, subject to theapproval of theUnited States Trade Representative (UST R). The regul ations may pr ovide for the reallo cation among supplying c ountri es or areas of unfilled quantities, subject to USTR approval. The importation o f eggs o f wild bird s i s prohi bited, except eggs o f game bir ds imported for propa gating purposes under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior and specimens imported for scient ific co t le ction s."