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'1`HIRTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 168. 1856. 130 From Bristol, via Centreville and Falls, to Yardleville. From Shakelegville, via Londy Creek and Luttons’ Corner, to Evansburg. From Reading, in Berks county, to New Holland, in Lancaster county. From Staddardsville, via Clifton, to Summersville. From Saxonburgh, via Cypher’s Cross Roads and Winfield Furnace, t0 Slate Lick. From Kittaning, via Davis’, Knoxville, Rural Village, to Dayton. From Brady’s Bend, via Miller’s Ferry and Black Fox Furnace, to Callensburg. From Woi~thi1igton to Millersburg. From New Washington, via Miller’s Store, Horton’s and Neal’s Mill, to Punxsatawney. From Southwest to Garland. From Callensburg to Reimenburg in Clarion County. From Morrisdale to Kylartown. From Punxsatawney, via Speankles Mill, to Pleasantville. From Laporte, via Eaglesmen, Forkville, Eldreds, Shenk, to Canton. From Brady’s Bend to l\rIiller’s Eddy. From Wind Gap P. O., by Bushhill Center, to Moorstown P. O. From Indiana to West Lebanon, in Indiana county. From Centerville, (Penn’s Creek P. O.,) through Mercer’s Valley, to Middle Creek P. O.

   South Carolina.

From Natural. Grove to Johnsonville. From Yorkville to Lyon’s Store, North Carolina. From Jefferson P. O., via Neil Graham’s, Blackeney’s Bridge, Lynchwood, and Perkins, to Camden. From Lexington C0urt·House, by Sawyer’s Mills, Bull Swamp, to F. M. Rastes, Eco. From Camden, via Jefferson, McCroghan, Chesterfield, C. H., to Cheraw. From Ninety-six Depot, via Coopersville, Grove Hill, to Richardsonville. From Ritohing’s Mills, via Robert Garvin’s, jr., and Neil Ablis, to Rishe’s Store. TENNESSEE. Tgmcsm From Seviersville to Strawberry Plains. From Hillsboro, by Prairie Plains, Kenley’s Store, to Deehard, Franklin county. From Russelsville to Sneidsville. From Clinton, via Montgomery, Jamestown, to Livingston. From Concord. via Scarborough Mills, to Robertsville. From Post Oak Springs to Yellow Springs. From Waverly to Dover by Magnolia, in Stewart County. From Straight Fork to Snyders. From Russelville, via Spring Vale and Warrensburg, to Conoy Branch. From Springhill, via Vastal’s Fan Yard and Santa Fe, to Williamsport. From Speedwell, via Clearfork, to Boston, (Kentucky.) From Lebanan to Cookville, via Gordensville and Trousdale’s Ferry. From Concord, via Lowe’s Ferry P. O., and Louisville, Marysville, to Mount Vale Springs. ( From Mossy Creek, by Leadvale and Parrotsville, to Warm Springs, N. C.) From Dlchliuville, (Tenn.) to Danville, (Ken.) via Sparta, Cookville, Livingston, (Tenn.) thence to Danville.