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THIRTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 107. 1857. 211 In the office of the Solicitor: S°“°i*°”" °m°°· For blank books, binding, stationery, labor, and miscellaneous items, and for statutes and reports, two thousand two hundred dollars. In the office of the Commissioner of Customs : puree of com- For blank books, stationery, and miscellaneous items, two thousand dol- $;;;‘°”“ °f °“" lars. ' Lighthouse Board.-For blank books, binding, stationery, miscellaneous Lightheugg expenses, and postage, seven hundred and fifty dollars. Board- For the General Purpose: of the Southeast Executive Building.-For s. E. Executive compensation of eight watchmen and nine laborers of the southeast execu- B“‘1d’“€· tive building, ten thousand two hundred dollars. For contingent expenses of said building, viz: Fuel, lights, repairs, and miscellaneous, eight thousand five hundred dollars. For compensation of four watchmen and two laborers for the south extension of the southeast executive building, three thousand six hundred dollars. For contingent expenses of said building, fuel, and miscellaneous items, three thousand dollars. Department of the Interior.-For compensation of the Secretary of Home D,,,,,,.,. the Interior, and the clerks, messengers, assistant messengers, watchmen, mentand laborers in his office, thirty-six thousand nine hundred dollars. S°g‘£;’Q`Y’“ For compensation of the Commissioner of the General Land-Otlice, omcs of LM.; and the recorder, draughtsman, assistant draughtsman, clerks, messengers, C°¤¤¤i$Si°¤°¤`· assistant messengers, packers, watchmen, and laborers in his office, one hundred and seventy-two thousand and ninety dollars. For additional clerks in the General Land-Office, under the act of third March, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-five, granting bounty 1855, ch. 207. lands, and for laborers employed therein, fifty-eight thousand four hundred VOL X- P- 70L dollars: Provided, That the Secretary of the Interior, at his discretion, shall be and he is hereby authorized to useany portion of said appropriation for piece-work, or by the day, week, month, or year, at such rate or rates as he may deem just and fair. For compensation of the Commissioner of Indian Aiiairs, and the puree of Comclerks, messenger, assistant messenger, watchmen, and laborer in his g;f;"X’;.£f In' officc, thirty-one thousand seven hundred and forty dollars. ` For compensation of the Commissioner of Pensions, and the clerks, Omce of gom. messenger, assistant messenger, and laborers in his office, one hundred r{¤iSSi<>¤¢¤ of Penand nine thousand three hundred and forty dollars. Sm"' For compensation of the Commissioner of Public Buildings, and the Omce of Comclerk in his office, three thousand two hundred dollars. ¥‘lS§i°f;§}` °fP“i" Oontingent Expemes—Depa1tment of the Interior.- 1%,,,;i,,é2§2}6s_ Oiiice of the Secretary of the Interior: Se0r‘¤tary’s For books, stationery, furniture, fuel, lights, and other contingencies, °m°°‘ and for books and maps for the library, seven thousand two hundred dollars. General Land-Otlice: G¤¤¤r¤1 Lami- For cash system and military patents, under laws prior to twenty- Om°°` eighth September, eighteen hundred and fifty ; patent and other records ; tract books and blank books for this and the district land-oflices ; binding plats and field-notes; stationery, furniture and repairs of same, and miscellaneous items, including two of the daily city newspapers, to be filed, bound, and preserved for the use of the office, thirty-three thousand live hundred dollars. For contingent expenses, in addition, under swamp land act of twenty- eighth September, eighteen hundred and fifty, military bounty acts of 1850, ch. 84. twenty-eighth September, eighteen hundred and fifty, and twenty-second {gig gg March, eighteen hundred and fifty-two, and act thirty-first August, eigh- 1852; ch: ui teen hundred and fifty-two, for the satisfaction of Virginia land warrants, twenty-six thousand one hundred dollars.