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294 THIRTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 59, 81. 1858.

and is hereby, appropriated for the present Hscal year, payable out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated.

D<=¤f'_¤¤d dpmb Sec. 2. And `be it further enacted, That the deaf and dumb and the blind Qfélnbéglcfslg; children of all persons in the military and naval service of the United in U. S. military States, while such persons are actually in such service, shall be entitled to

 ¤;;·¥;}8g°; instruction in said institution, on the same terms as deaf and dumb and

,,,sn.ucu0,,_ blind children belonging to the District of Columbia. ' mhgeccipfgkgrgkc Szc. And be it further enacted, That all receipts and. disbursements swf6g_!; of lL_ under this act shall be reported to the Secretary of the Interior, as required terior. in the sixth section of the act to wh1ch tl11S is an amendment. Approved, May 29, 1858.

June 2, 1858- Cnnr. LXXXI.——An Act to provide for the Location of certain caryfrmed Private Land '“_""""‘ Claims in the State of Missouri, and for other Puvposes.

Decisions of Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United

g<;;f;_<};€»1 $3%*; States of America m Congress assembled, That the decisions rn Favor of

mud cmlgs in certain land claimants herein made by the recorder of land titles m the glissoéiri con- State of Missouri and the two commissioners associated with him, by virtue rme .cc_ ‘ ( ] ' 1832, Cb_ lm of anact entnled An Act for. the final adjustment of Private Lund C mms v01_ M p_ 565_ in Missoui 1, approved July mne, eighteen hunched and thu ty-two, and an 1833, eh, 84. act supplemental thereto, approved second March, eighteen hundred and V<>l·iV~ P- 661- thirty-three, as entered in the transcript of decisions transmitted by the said recorder and commissioners to the Commissioner of the General Land-Office, which said claims are named and numbered as follows: Manuel de Liza, number thirty-three; John Coontz and Hempstead, number forty-four; Matthew Saucier, number fifty-seven; Charles '1`ayon, number sixty-seven ; the sons of Joseph M. Pepin, number seventy-four; Louis Lorimier, number eighty-seven; Bartholomew Cousin, number eighty-nine; Manuel Gonzales Moro, number ninety-five; Seneca Rawlins, number one hundred land four ; bWilliam Lortig, nuénbler one hundred and six; Joachim iza, num er one undre an t irty-three; Francis Lacombe, number thirty-four; Israel Dodge, number three hundred and thirty-eight; Joseph Silvain, number two hundred and ninety- three; John P. Cabanis, number two hundred and ninety-eight; William Hartley, number three hundred and one; Andrew Chevalier, number two hundred and ninety-two; William Morrison, number three hundred and seven; Solomon Bellew, number three hundred and eight; Paschal Detchemendez, number three hundred and nine; Baptiste Amure, number three hundred and ten; Alexander Maurice, number three hundred and twenty-three; John Baptiste Vallee, number three hundred and thirty- four; said decisions above named being in the first class of claims, acted upon b said board; also the claim of Regis Loisel, number six. in the second )class, acted on by said board, be, and the same are hereby, confirmed _ _ _ to the respective claimants or their legal representatives. fa£:_°';;,°’;:h3 Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the decisions in favor of land claims c0um.m_ claimants made by P. Grimes, Joshua Lewis, and Thomas B. Robertson, Sd- commissioners appointed to adjust private land claims in the eastern district of the Territory of Orleans, communicated to the House of Representatives by the Secretary of the Treasury, on the ninth day of January, one thousand eight hundred and twelve, and which ts [nre;} found in the P°“· P' 44% American State Papers, Public Lands, (Duff Green’s edition,) volume two, from page two hundred and twenty-four to three hundred and sixty-seven, inclusive, be, and the same are hereby, confirmed, saving and reserving, however, to all adverse claimants the right to assert the validity of their P1‘<>ViS<>· . claims in st court or courts of justice: Provided, however, That any claim so recommended for connrmation, but whiehfmay have been rejected, in whole or in` art, b an subse uent board 0 commissioners, be, and the same is herelly, spdeialgr exeepded from confirmation.