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3l6 THIRTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 153. 1858. burial of deceased marines, printing, stationery, postage and telegrapliing, apprehension of deserters, oil, candles, gas, forage, straw, furniture, bed sacks, spades, shovels, axes, picks, and carpenters tools, keep of a horse for the messenger, and pay of matron, washerwoman, and porter at hospital headquarters, and for the purchase of a fire-engine for the use of the marine barracks at headquarters, thirty-two thousand five hundred dollars. New we- Navy Yams. For the construction and completion of works, and for the current re— pairs at the several navy yards, viz: Portsmouth, Portsmouth, Mw Hampshtre.—For mooring piers for dock, extending N‘ H' stables, completion of dock basin, repairs of floating dock, and repairs of all kinds, fifty-two thousand two hundred and fifteen dollars. BOM"' Boston.—For reservoirs, boiler-house, chimney and boilers at rope-walk, altering tar-kettles, machinery and bobbins for rope-walk, to complete machine shop, and for machinery for machine shop and foundry, extension of dry dock, and repairs of all kinds, two hundred and three thousand live hundred dollars. New Y°"k· New York.-For boiler house and setting boilers, water pipes, drains, quay walls, sewer extended to quay wall, boiler to dredger, timber basin, repairs of oakum shop, filling ponds in yard, dredging channel and scows, piling site for marine barracks, machinery for machine shop, boiler shop, saw mill, foundry, smithery, and brass foundry, and repairs of all kinds, two hundred and sixty-nine thousand five hundred and sixteen dollars; and the amount heretofore appropriated for coal-house may be applied to the completion of the store-house. Philadelphia- P}ziZadcQ0hia.—-F or extending gun-carriage shop, additional story to plumber’s shop, dredging channels, and repairs of dredger, repairs of dry dock, and repairs of all kinds, ninety-seven thousand two hundred and fourteen dollars. Washington- Washington.-For extension of navy store, for anchor shop and coal houses, pavements, drains and gutters, machinery and tools, and repairs of all kinds, ninety-nine thousand one hundred dollars. N°¤°°lk· N02foZk.—For continuation of quay wall, completing victualling establishment, completing grading and drainage, dredging channels, continuing ship house number forty-eight, to be built of iron or wood as may be deemed expedient, machinery and tools, completing reservoir, completing carpenters shop and repairs of all kinds, two hundred and eighty-five thousand eight hundred and eight dollars. M3-¤l1l¤<> Slwp To enable the Secretary of the Navy to purchase tools and furnish the “‘1f°'“‘d"Y‘ mziphine shop and foundry at the Norfolk navy yard, twenty thousand dollars. Pelwwola- Pensacola.-—F or continuing granite wharf repairing and operating dock, filling and paving around dock basin, dredging in front of basin, repairs of railways, completing water pipes to permanent wharf, completing thundry, oonstructors’ workshop, cistern at machine shop, trip hammer thr smithery, blast pipes, and repairs of all kinds, two hundred and thrty- seven thousand three hundred and sixty-five dollars. C8ll€m]_$l¤¤d» Mare Island, C’al1,Ybmia.—F or guard house number seventy-three, mr " ‘ and pitch house number seventy-tbur, two cisterns number forty-nine, grading, paving, continuing wharf, foundry and boiler establishment, gas works, and Bishop’s derrick, three hundred and seventeen thousand nine hundred and seventy-one dollars. H°¤Pl*¤lS- Hospitals. For the construction and completion of works, and for the current repairs of the several naval hospitals: B°Sl<>¤- B0st0n.—For repairs of buildings and grounds, three thousand dollars.