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TREATY WITH CREEKS AND SEMINOLES. AUGUST 7, 1856. 703 ally due and payable, shall ever be taken to pay claims or demands against said Indians, except such as may hereafter arise under the intercourse laws. ARTICLE IX. The United States agree to remove comfortably to United Stews their new conmtry west, all those Seminoles now in Florida who can be ;°:,1;;m$,`ffoS°{7§}] induced to emigrate thereto; and to furnish them with sufficient rations eniigrats, and of wholesome subsistence during their removal and for twelve months of s;h°’f} °°"‘ after their arrival at their new homes; also, to provide each warrior of H ppm" eighteen years of age and upwards, who shall so remove, with one ride gun if he shall not already possess one; with two blankets, a supply of powder and lead, a hunting shirt, one pair of shoes, one and a half yards of strouding, and ten pounds of good tobacco; and each woman, youth, and child, with a blanket, pair of shoes, and other necessary articles of comfortable clothing, and to expend for them in improvements, after they shall all remove, the sum of twenty thousand dollars. And to encourage the Seminoles to devote themselves to the cultivation of the soil, and become a sober, settled, industrious, and independent people, the United States do further agree to expend three thousand dollars in the purchase of ploughs and other agricultural implements, axes, seeds, looms, cards, and wheels; the same to be proportionately distributed among those now west, and those who shall emigrate from Florida. " ARTIGLE X. The Seminoles west do hereby agree and bind them- t S°m§“°lg°;'°°" selves to furnish, at such time or times as the President may appoint, tg §g,ij,_°6ga` a delegation of such members of their tribe as shall be selected for the purpose, to proceed to Florida, under the direction of an agent of the government, to render such peaceful services as may be required of them, and otherwise to do all in their power to induce their brethren remaining in that State to emigrate and join them in the west; the United States agreeing to pay them and such members of the Creek tribe as may voluntarily offer to join them and be accepted for the same service, a reasonable compensation for their time and services, as well as their travelling, and other actual and necessary expenses. Anrrcrzs XI. It is further hereby agreed that the United States shall Payment to pay F,oc-te—lus-te-harjo, his heirs or assigns, the sum of four hundred °°'”·m I¤dl¤¤¤· dollars, in consideration of the unpaid services of said Foe-te—luc-te-harjo, or Black Dirt, rendered by him as chief of the friendly band of Seminole warriors who fought for the United States during the Florida war. Anrrcms XII. So soon as the Seminole west shall have removed to Agency for the new coimtry herein provided for them, the United States will then S°m“'°1°“‘ select a site and erect the necessary buildings for an agency, including a council-house for the Seminoles. Anrxcnn XIII. The officers and people of each of the tribes of Creeks C Rights <>f and Seminoles shall, at all times, have the right of safe conduct and free infjgss Ed @3*;; passage through the lands and territory of the other. The members of other’s countries. each shall have the right freely to settle within the' country of the other, and shall thereupon be entitled to all the rights, privileges, and immunities of members thereof, except that no member of either tribe shall be entitled to participate in any funds belonging to the other tribe. Members of each tribe shall have the right to institute and prosecute suits in the courts of the other, under such regulations as may, from time to time, be prescribed by their respective legislatures. ARTICLE XIV. Any person, duly charged with a criminal offence linrtradition of against the laws of either the Creek or Seminole tribe, and escaping into €$2£“~;,db°i¤_ the jurisdiction of the other, shall be promptly surrendered upon the dim ,,,,,1,,;,;,,,-,_ demand of the proper authority of the tribe within whose jurisdiction the offence shall be alleged to have been committed. ARTICLE XV. S0 far as may be compatible with the constitution of CG<>V¢1‘¤¤1<·>¤t of the United States, and the laws made in pursuance thereof regulating m’f§;;€““”d S°’“` trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes, the Creeks and Seminoles