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110 STAT. 1016 PUBLIC LAW 104-127—APR. 4, 1996 "(1) IN GENERAL. —The Secretary shall, at the request of a participating State, provide a grant to the State to carry out the Forest Legacy Program in the State. "(2) ADMINISTRATION.— If a State elects to receive a grant under this subsection— "(A) the Secretary shall use a portion of the funds made available under subsection (m), as determined by the Secretary, to provide a grant to the State; and "(B) the State shall use the grant to carry out the Forest Legacy Program in the State, including the acquisition by the State of lands and interests in lands.". Subtitle H—Miscellaneous Conservation Provisions SEC. 381. CONSERVATION ACTIVITIES OF COMMODITY CREDIT COR- PORATION. (a) IN GENERAL.—Section 5 of the Commodity Credit Corporation Charter Act (15 U.S.C. 714c) is amended— (1) by redesignating subsection (g) as subsection (h); and (2) by inserting after subsection (f) the following: "(g) Carry out conservation or environmental programs authorized by law.". 15 USC 714c (b) EFFECTIVE DATE.— The amendments made by subsection note. (a) shall become effective on January 1, 1997. SEC. 382. FLOODPLAIN EASEMENTS. Section 403 of the Agricultural Credit Act of 1978 (16 U.S.C. 2203) is amended by inserting ", including the purchase of floodplain easements," after "emergency measures". SEC. 383. RESOURCE CONSERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM. Section 1538 of the Agriculture and Food Act of 1981 (16 U.S.C. 3461) is amended by striking "1991 through 1995" and inserting "1996 through 2002". SEC. 384. REPEAL OF REPORT REQUIREMENT. Section 1342 of title 44, United States Code, is repealed. 7 USC 7334. SEC. 385. FLOOD RISK REDUCTION. (a) IN GENERAL.— During fiscal years 1996 through 2002, the Secretary of Agriculture (referred to in this section as the "Secretary") may enter into a contract with a producer on a farm who has contract acreage under the Agricultural Market Transition Act that is frequently flooded. (b) DUTIES OF PRODUCERS.— Under the terms of the contract, with respect to acres that are subject to the contract, the producer must agree to— (1) the termination of any contract acreage and production flexibility contract under the Agricultural Market Transition Act; (2) forgo loans for contract commodities, oilseeds, and extra long staple cotton; (3) not apply for crop insurance issued or reinsured by the Secretary; (4) comply with applicable highly erodible land and wetlands conservation compliance requirements established under