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110 STAT. 194 PUBLIC LAW 104-10&—FEB. 10, 1996 Sec. 905. Joint Requirements Oversight Council. Sec. 906. Restructuring of Department of Defense acquisition organization and workforce. Sec. 907. Report on Nuclear Posture Review and on plans for nuclear weapons management in event of abolition of Department of Energy. Sec. 908. Redesignation of Advanced Research Projects Agency. Subtitle B—Financial Management Sec. 911. Transfer authority regarding funds available for foreign currency fluctuations. Sec. 912. Defense Modernization Account. Sec. 913. Designation and liability of disbursing and certifying officials. Sec. 914. Fisher House trust funds. Sec. 915. Limitation on use of authority to pay for emergency and extraordinary expenses. TITLE X—GENERAL PROVISIONS Subtitle A—Financial Matters Sec. 1001. Transfer authority. Sec. 1002. Incorporation of classified annex. Sec. 1003. Improved funding mechanisms for unbudgeted operations. Sec. 1004. Operation Provide Comfort. Sec. 1005. Operation Enhanced Southern Watch. Sec. 1006. Authority for obligation of certain unauthorized fiscal year 1995 defense appropriations. Sec. 1007. Authorization of prior emergency supplemental appropriations for fiscal year 1995. Sec. 1008. Authorization reductions to reflect savings from revised economic assumptions. Subtitle B—Naval Vessels and Shipyards Sec. 1011. Iowa class battleships. . Sec. 1012. Transfer of naval vessels to certain foreign countries. Sec. 1013. Contract options for LMSR vessels. Sec. 1014. National Defense Reserve Fleet. Sec. 1015. Naval salvage facilities. Sec. 1016. Vessels subject to repair under phased maintenance contracts. Sec. 1017. Clarification of reqxurements relating to repairs of vessels. Sec. 1018. Sense of Congress concerning naming of amphibious ships. Sec. 1019. Sense of Congress concerning naming of naval vessel. Sec. 1020. Transfer of riverine patrol craft. Subtitle C—Counter-Drug Activities Sec. 1021. Revision and clarification of authority for Federal support of drug interdiction and counter-drug activities of the National Guard. Subtitle D—Civilian Personnel Sec. 1031. Management of Department of Defense civilian personnel. Sec. 1032. Conversion of military positions to civilian positions. Sec. 1033. Elimination of 120-day limitation on details of certain employees. Sec. 1034. Authority for civilian employees of Department of Defense to participate voluntarily in reductions in force. Sec. 1035. Authority to pay severance payments in lump sums. Sec. 1036. Continued health insurance coverage. Sec. 1037. Revision of authority for appointments of involuntarily separated military reserve technicians. Sec. 1038. Wearing of uniform by National Guard technicians. Sec. 1039. Military leave for military reserve technicians for certain duty overseas. Sec. 1040. Personnel actions involving employees of nonappropriated fund instrumentalities. Sec. 1041. Coverage of nonappropriated fund employees under authority for flexible and compressed work schedules. Sec. 1042. Limitation on provision of overseas living quarters allowances for nonappropriated fund instrumentality employees. Sec. 1043. Elections relating to retirement coverage. Sec. 1044. Extension of temporary authority to pay civilian employees with respect to the evacuation from Guantanamo, Cuba. Subtitle E—Miscellaneous Reporting Requirements Sec. 1051. Report on fiscal year 1997 budget submission regairding Guard and Reserve components.