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PUBLIC LAW 104-109—FEB. 12, 1996 110 STAT. 767 or tribes. If such provision is incorporated it shall have the same force and effect as if set out in full in title III or this title.". Approved February 12, 1996. LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—H.R. 2726 (S. 325) (S. 1431): HOUSE REPORTS: No. 104-444 (Comm. on Resources). SENATE REPORTS: No. 104-150 accompanying S. 325 (Comm. on Indian Affairs). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD: Vol. 141 (1995): Oct. 31, S. 325 considered and passed Senate. Dec. 7, S. 1431 considered and passed Senate. Vol. 142 (1996): Jan. 23, H.R. 2726 considered and passed House. Jan. 26, considered and passed Senate.