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PUBLIC LAW 104-114—MAR. 12, 1996 110 STAT. 803 who are family members of Cuban nationals who are resident in Cuba, insist on such actions by the Cuban Government as abrogation of the sanction for departure from Cuba by refugees, release of political prisoners, recognition of the right of association, and other fundamental freedoms. SEC. 113. EXPULSION OF CRIMINALS FROM CUBA. President. The President shall instruct all United States Government officials who engage in official contacts with the Cuban Government to raise on a regular basis the extradition of or rendering to the United States all persons residing in Cuba who are sought by the United States Department of Justice for crimes committed in the United States. SEC. 114. NEWS BUREAUS IN CUBA. 22 USC 6044. (a) ESTABLISHMENT OF NEWS BUREAUS.— The President is authorized to establish and implement an exchange of news bureaus between the United States and Cuba, if the exchange meets the following conditions: (1) The exchange is fully reciprocal. (2) The Cuban Government agrees not to interfere with the establishment of news bureaus or with the movement in Cuba of journalists of any United States-based news organiza-, tions, including Radio Marti and Television Marti. (3) The Cuban Government agrees not to interfere with decisions of United States-based news organizations with respect to individuals assigned to work as journalists in their news bureaus in Cuba. (4) The Department of the Treasury is able to ensure that only accredited journalists regularly employed with a news gathering organization travel to Cuba under this subsection. (5) The Cuban Government agrees not to interfere with the transmission of telecommunications signals of news bureaus or with the distribution within Cuba of publications of any United States-based news organization that has a news bureau in Cuba. (b) ASSURANCE AGAINST ESPIONAGE.— In implementing this section, the President shall take all necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of the United States against espionage by Cuban journalists it believes to be working for the intelligence agencies of the Cuban Government. (c) FULLY RECIPROCAL. —As used in subsection (a)(1), the term "fully reciprocal" means that all news services, news organizations, and broadcasting services, including such services or organizations that receive financing, assistance, or other support from a governmental or official source, are permitted to establish and operate a news bureau in the United States and Cuba. SEC. 115. EFFECT OF ACT ON LAWFUL UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT 22 USC 6045. ACTIVITIES. Nothing in this Act prohibits any lawfully authorized investigative, protective, or intelligence activity of a law enforcement agency, or of an intelligence agency, of the United States. SEC. 116. CONDEMNATION OF CUBAN ATTACK ON AMERICAN AIR- 22 USC 6046. CRAFT. (a) FINDINGS.— The Congress makes the following findings: