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110 STAT. 1310 PUBLIC LAW 104-132—APR. 24, 1996 (3) REPORTS REQUIRED.— The Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of State shall each submit, by February 1, 1997, a written report to the Committee on Banking and Financial Services of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs of the Senate explaining the reasons for the rejection, if any, of any proposed post and the reasons for the failure, if any, to fill any approved post by such date. (h) ENHANCED PENALTIES FOR INTERNATIONAL COUNTERFEITING OF UNITED STATES CURRENCY. —Pursuant to the authority of the United States Sentencing Commission under section 994 of title 28, United States Code, the Commission shall amend the sentencing guidelines prescribed by the Commission to provide an appropriate enhancement of the punishment for a defendant convicted under section 470 of title 18 of such Code. 28 USC 534 note. SEC. 808. COMPILATION OF STATISTICS RELATING TO INTIMIDATION OF GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES. (a) FINDINGS. — The Congress finds that— (1) threats of violence and acts of violence against Federal, State, and local government employees and their families are increasing as the result of attempts to stop public servants from performing their lawful duties; (2) these acts are a danger to the constitutional form of government of the United States; and (3) more information is needed relating to the extent and nature of the danger to these employees and their families so that actions can be taken to protect public servants at all levels of government in the performance of their duties. (b) STATISTICS. — The Attorney General shall collect data, for the calendar year 1990 and each succeeding calendar year thereafter, relating to crimes and incidents of threats of violence and acts of violence against Federal, State, and local government employees and their families in the performance of their lawful duties. Such data shall include— (1) in the case of crimes against such employees and their families, the nature of the crime; and (2) in the case of incidents of threats of violence and acts of violence, including verbal and implicit threats against such employees and their families, the deterrent effect on the performance of their jobs. (c) GUIDELINES.— The Attorney General shall establish guidelines for the collection of the data under subsection (b), including a definition of the sufficiency of evidence of noncriminal incidents required to be reported. (d) USE OF DATA.— (1) ANNUAL PUBLISHING. —The Attorney General shall publish an annual summary of the data collected under this section. (2) USE OF DATA.— Except with respect to the summary published under paragraph (1), data collected under this section shall be used only for research and statistical purposes. (e) EXEMPTION. — The Attorney General, the Secretary of State, and the United States Secret Service is not required to participate in any statistical reporting activity under this section with respect to any direct or indirect threat made against any individual for whom that official or Service is authorized to provide protection.