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110 STAT. 1321-101 PUBLIC LAW 104-134—APR. 26, 1996 (A) A separate plan under which the Complex will be closed and inmates transferred to new facilities constructed and operated by private entities. (B) A separate plan under which the Complex will remain in operation under the management of the District of Columbia subject to such modifications as the District considers appropriate. (C) A separate plan under which the Federal government will operate the Complex and inmates will be sentenced and treated in accordance with guidelines applicable to Federal prisoners. (D) A separate plan under which the Complex will be operated under private management. (E) Such other plans as the District of Columbia consider appropriate. (2) REQUIREMENTS FOR PLANS. —Each of the alternative plans developed under paragraph (1) shall meet the following requirements: (A) The plan shall provide for an appropriate transition period for implementation (not to exceed 5 years) to begin January 1, 1997. (B) The plan shall specify the extent to which the Department will utilize alternative and cost-effective management methods, including the use of private management and vendors for the operation of the facilities and activities of the Department, including (where appropriate) the Complex. (C) The plan shall include an implementation schedule specifying timetables for the completion of all significant activities, including site selection for new facilities, design, financing, construction, recruitment and hiring of personnel, training, adoption of new policies and procedures, and the establishment of essential administrative organizational structures to carry out the plan. (D) In determining the bed capacity required for the Department through 2002, the plan shall use the population projections developed under the plan under subsection (a). (E) The plan shall identify any Federal or District legislation which is required to be enacted, and any District regulations, policies, or procedures which are required to be adopted, in order for the plan to take effect. (F) The plan shall take into account any court orders and consent decrees in effect with respect to the Department and shall describe how the plan will enable the District to comply with such orders and decrees. (G) The plan shall include estimates of the operating and capital expenses for the Department for each year of the plan's transition period, together with the primary assumptions underlying such estimates. (H) The plan shall require the Mayor of the District of Columbia to submit a semi-annual report to the President, Congress, and the District of Columbia Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Authority describing the actions taken by the District under the plan, and in addition shall require the Mayor to regularly report to the President, Congress, and the District of