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PUBLIC LAW 104-134—APR. 26, 1996 110 STAT. 1321-144 PART 3—GIFTS, DONATIONS, BEQUESTS, AND DEVISES SEC. 2571. GIFTS, DONATIONS, BEQUESTS, AND DEVISES. (a) IN GENERAL.— ^A District of Columbia public school or a public charter school may accept directly from any person a gift, donation, bequest, or devise of any property, real or personal, without regard to any law or regulation of the District of Columbia. (b) TAX LAWS.—For the purposes of the income tax, gift tax, and estate tax laws of the Federal Government, any money or other property given, donated, bequeathed, or devised to a District of Columbia public school or a public charter school, shall be deemed to have been given, donated, bequeathed, or devised to or for the use of the District of Columbia. Subtitle F—Partnerships With Business SEC. 2601. PURPOSE. The purpose of this subtitle is— (1) to leverage private sector funds utilizing initial Federal investments in order to provide students and teachers within the District of Columbia public schools and public charter schools with access to state-of-the-art educational technology; (2) to establish a regional job training and employment center; (3) to strengthen workforce preparation initiatives for students within the District of Columbia public schools and public charter schools; (4) to coordinate private sector investments in carrying out this title; and (5) to assist the Superintendent with the development of individual career paths in accordance with the long-term reform plan. SEC. 2602. DUTIES OF THE SUPERINTENDENT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PIFBLIC SCHOOLS. The Superintendent is authorized to provide a grant to a private, nonprofit corporation that meets the eligibility criteria under section 2603 for the purposes of carrying out the duties under sections 2604 and 2607. SEC. 2603. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR PRIVATE, NONPROFIT COR- PORATION. A private, nonprofit corporation shall be eligible to receive a grant under section 2602 if the corporation is a national business organization incorporated in the District of Columbia, that— (1) has a board of directors which includes members who are also chief executive officers of technology-related corporations involved in education and workforce development issues; (2) has extensive practical experience with initiatives that link business resources and expertise with education and training systems; (3) has experience in working with State and local educational agencies throughout the United States with respect to the integration of academic studies with workforce preparation programs; and