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PUBLIC LAW 104-134—APR. 26, 1996 110 STAT. 1321-152 <C) 2 members to be appointed by the President, of which 1 shall represent the local business community and 1 of which shall be a teacher in a District of Columbia public school. (D) The President of the District of Columbia Congress of Parents and Teachers. (E) The President of the Board of Education. (F) The Superintendent. (G) The Mayor and District of Columbia Council Chairman shall each name 1 nonvoting ex officio member. (H) The Chief of the National Guard Bureau who shall be an ex officio member. (3) TERMS OF SERVICE.— The members of the Consensus Commission shall serve for a term of 3 years. (4) VACANCIES. — Any vacancy in the membership of the Consensus Commission shall be filled by the appointment of a new member in the same manner as provided for the vacated membership. A member appointed under this paragraph shall serve the remaining term of the vacated membership. (5) QUALIFICATIONS.— Members of the Consensus Commission appointed under subparagraphs (A), (B), and (C) of paragraph (2) shall be residents of the District of Columbia and shall have a knowledge of public education in the District of Columbia. (6) CHAIR.— The Chair of the Consensus Commission shall be chosen by the Consensus Commission from among its members, except that the President of the Board of Education and the Superintendent shall not be eligible to serve as Chair. (7) No COMPENSATION FOR SERVICE.— Members of the Consensus Commission shall serve without pay, but may receive reimbursement for any reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by reason of service on the Consensus Commission. (b) EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR. — The Consensus Commission shall have an Executive Director who shall be appointed by the Chair with the consent of the Consensus Commission. The Executive Director shall be paid at a rate determined by the Consensus Commission, except that such rate may not exceed the highest rate of pay payable for level EG-16 of the Educational Service of the District of Columbia. (c) STAFF. —With the approval of the Chair and the Authority, the Executive Director may appoint and fix the pay of additional personnel as the Executive Director considers appropriate, except that no individual appointed by the Executive Director may be paid at a rate greater than the rate of pay for the Executive Director. (d) SPECIAL RULE. —The Board of Education, or the Authority, shall reprogram such funds, as the Chair of the Consensus Commission shall in writing request, subject to the approval of the Authority from amounts available to the Board of Education. SEC. 2852. PRIMARY PURPOSE AND FINDINGS. (a) PURPOSE. —The primary purpose of the Consensus Commission is to assist in developing a long-term reform plan that has the support of the District of Columbia community through the participation of representatives of various critical segments of such community in helping to develop and approve the plan.