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110 STAT. 1321-353 PUBLIC LAW 104-134—APR. 26, 1996 (B) accrued interest during construction. (2) PAYMENT. —The Administrator is not required to pay, during construction of the project, facility, or separable unit or feature, the interest calculated, accrued, and capitalized under subsection (f)(1). (3) ONE-YEAR RATE.— For the purposes of this section, "oneyear rate" for a fiscal year means a rate determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, taking into consideration prevailing market yields, during the month preceding the beginning of the fiscal year, on outstanding interest-bearing obligations of the United States with periods to maturity of approximately one year. (g) INTEREST RATES FOR NEW CAPITAL INVESTMENTS.— The unpaid balance on the principal amount of a new capital investment bears interest at the Treasury rate for the new capital investment from the date the related project, facility, or separable unit or feature is placed in service until the earlier of the date the new capital investment is repaid or the repayment date for the new capital investment, (h) CREDITS TO ADMINISTRATOR'S REPAYMENT TO THE UNITED STATES TREASURY.— The Confederated Tribe of the Colville Reservation Grand Coulee Dam Settlement Act (Public Law No. 103-436; 108 Stat. 4577) is amended by striking section 6 and inserting the following: "SEC. 6. CREDITS TO ADMINISTRATOR'S REPAYMENT TO THE UNITED STATES TREASURY. "So long as the Administrator makes annual payments to the tribes under the settlement agreement, the Administrator shall apply against amounts otherwise payable by the Administrator to the United States Treasury a credit that reduces the Administrator's payment, in the amount and for each fiscal year as follows: $15,860,000 in fiscal year 1997; $16,490,000 in fiscal year 1998; $17,150,000 in fiscal year 1999; $17,840,000 in fiscal year 2000; $18,550,000 in fiscal year 2001; and $4,600,000 in each succeeding fiscal year.". (i) CONTRACT PROVISIONS.— In each contract of the Administrator that provides for the Administrator to sell electric power, transmission, or related services, and that is in effect after September 30, 1996, the Administrator shall offer to include, or as the case may be, shall offer to amend to include, provisions specifying that after September 30, 1996— (1) the Administrator shall establish rates and charges on the basis that— (A) the principal amount of an old capital investment shall be no greater than the new principal amount established under subsection (b); (B) the interest rate applicable to the unpaid balance of the new principal amount of an old capital investment shall be no greater than the interest rate established under subsection (c); (C) any payment of principal of an old capital investment shall reduce the outstanding principal balance of the old capital investment in the amount of the payment at the time the payment is tendered; and