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110 STAT. 1360 PUBLIC LAW 104-146—MAY 20, 1996 prior to such date terminates on such date, or on such earlier date as the Secretary may specify. " (c) PROVISIONS REGARDING CONDUCT OF RESEARCH.— "(1) IN GENERAL.— With respect to eligibihty for a grant under subsection (a): "(A) A project of research for which subjects are sought pursuant to such subsection may be conducted by the applicant for the grant, or by an entity with which the applicant has made arrangements for purposes of the grant. The grant may not be expended for the conduct of any project of research, except for such research-related functions as are appropriate for providing opportunities under subsection (a)(1) (including the functions specified in subsection (b)(1)). "(B) The grant may be made only if the Secretary makes the following determinations: "(i) The applicant or other entity (as the case may be under subparagraph (A)) is appropriately qualified to conduct the project of research. An entity shall be considered to be so qualified if any research protocol of the entity has been recommended for funding under this Act pursuant to technical and scientific peer review through the National Institutes of Health. "(ii) The project of research is being conducted in accordance with a research protocol to which the Secretary gives priority regarding the prevention or treatment of HIV disease in women, infants, children, or youth, subject to paragraph (2). " (2) LIST OF RESEARCH PROTOCOLS. — "(A) IN GENERAL.— From among the research protocols described in paragraph (l)(B)(ii), the Secretary shall establish a list of research protocols that are appropriate for purposes of subsection (a)(1). Such list shall be established only after consultation with public and private entities that conduct such research, and with providers of services under subsection (a) and recipients of such services. " (B) DISCRETION OF SECRETARY.— The Secretary may authorize the use, for purposes of subsection (a)(1), of a research protocol that is not included on the list under subparagraph (A). The Secretary may waive the requirement specified in paragraph (l)(B)(ii) in such circumstances as the Secretary determines to be appropriate. "(d) ADDITIONAL SERVICES FOR PATIENTS AND FAMILIES.— A grant under subsection (a) may be made only if the applicant for the grant agrees as follows: '(1) The applicant will provide for the case management of the patient involved and the family of the patient. "(2) The applicant will provide for the patient and the family of the patient— "(A) referrals for inpatient hospital services, treatment for substance abuse, and mental health services; and "(B) referrals for other social and support services, as appropriate. "(3) The applicant will provide the patient and the family of the patient with such transportation, child care, and other incidental services as may be necessary to enable the patient