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PUBLIC LAW 104-146—MAY 20, 1996 110 STAT. 1361 and the family to participate in the program estabhshed by the applicant pursuant to such subsection. "(e) COORDINATION WITH OTHER ENTITIES.— A grant under subsection (a) may be made only if the applicant for the grant agrees as follows: "(1) The applicant will coordinate activities under the grant with other providers of health care services under this Act, and under title V of the Social Security Act. "(2) The applicant will participate in the statewide coordinated statement of need under part B (where it has been initiated by the public health agency responsible for administering grants under part B) and in revisions of such statement. "(f) APPLICATION.— A grant under subsection (a) may be made only if an application for the grant is submitted to the Secretary and the application is in such form, is made in such manner, and contains such agreements, assurances, and information as the Secretary determines to be necessary to carry out this section. " (g) COORDINATION WITH NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH. — The Secretary shall develop and implement a plan that provides for the coordination of the activities of the National Institutes of Health with the activities carried out under this section. In carrying out the preceding sentence, the Secretary shall ensure that projects of research conducted or supported by such Institutes are made aware of applicants and grantees under subsection (a), shall require that the projects, as appropriate, enter into arrangements for purposes of such subsection, and shall require that each project entering into such an arrangement inform the applicant or grantee under such subsection of the needs of the project for the participation of women, infants, children, and youth. " (h) ANNUAL REVIEW OF PROGRAMS; EVALUATIONS. - — "(1) REVIEW REGARDING ACCESS TO AND PARTICIPATION IN PROGRAMS.— With respect to a grant under subsection (a) for an entity for a fiscal year, the Secretary shall, not later than 180 days after the end of the fiscal year, provide for the conduct and completion of a review of the operation during the year of the program carried out under such subsection by the entity. The purpose of such review shall be the development of recommendations, as appropriate, for improvements in the following: "(A) Procedures used by the entity to allocate opportunities and services under subsection (a) among patients of the entity who are women, infants, children, or youth. "(B) Other procedures or policies of the entity regarding the participation of such individuals in such program. "(2) EVALUATIONS. —The Secretary shall, directly or through contracts with public and private entities, provide for evaluations of programs canied out pursuant to subsection (a), "(i) TRAINING AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE.—Of the amounts appropriated under subsection (j) for a fiscal year, the Secretary may use not more than five percent to provide, directly or through contracts with public and private entities (which may include grantees under subsection (a)), training and technical assistance to assist applicants and grantees under subsection (a) in complying with the requirements of this section. "( j) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.—For the purpose of carrying out this section, there are authorized to be appropriated