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PUBLIC LAW 104-170—AUG. 3, 1996 110 STAT. 1503 "(C) an aquatic herbicide product. "(3) INCLUDED PRODUCTS. —The term 'antimicrobial pesticide' does include any other chemical sterilant product (other than liquid chemical sterilant products exempt under subsection (u)), any other disinfectant product, any other industrial microbiocide product, and any other preservative product that is not excluded by paragraph (2).". SEC. 222. FEDERAL AND STATE DATA COORDINATION. Section 3(c)(2)(B) (7 U.S.C. 136a(c)(2)(B)), as amended by section 210(f)(2), is amended by adding at the end the following: "(viii)(I) If data required to support registration of a pesticide under subparagraph (A) is requested by a Federal or State regulatory authority, the Administrator shall, to the extent practicable, coordinate data requirements, test Protocols, timetables, and standards of review and reduce urdens and redundancy caused to the registrant by multiple requirements on the registrant. "(II) The Administrator may enter into a cooperative agreement with a State to carry out subclause (I). "(Ill) Not later than 1 year after the date of enactment of this clause, the Administrator shall develop a process to identify and assist in alleviating future disparities between Federal and State data requirements.". SEC. 223. LABEL AND LABELING. Section 3(c) (7 U.S.C. 136a(c)) is amended by adding at the end the following: "(9) LABELING.— "(A) ADDITIONAL STATEMENTS.— Subject to subparagraphs (B) and (C), it shall not be a violation of this Act for a registrant to modify the labeling of an antimicrobial pesticide product to include relevant information on product efficacy, product composition, container composition or design, or other characteristics that do not relate to any pesticidal claim or pesticidal activity. "(B) REQUIREMENTS.—Proposed labeling information under subparagraph (A) shall not be false or misleading, shall not conflict with or detract from any statement required by law or the Administrator as a condition of registration, and shall be substantiated on the request of the Administrator. "(C) NOTIFICATION AND DISAPPROVAL. — "(i) NOTIFICATION. —^A registration may be modified under subparagraph (A) if — "(I) the registrant notifies the Administrator in writing not later than 60 days prior to distribution or sale of a product bearing the modified labeling; and "(II) the Administrator does not disapprove of the modification under clause (ii). "(ii) DISAPPROVAL. —Not later than 30 days after receipt of a notification under clause (i), the Administrator may disapprove the modification by sending the registrant notification in writing stating that the proposed language is not acceptable and stating the reasons why the Administrator finds the proposed modification unacceptable.