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110 STAT. 1522 PUBLIC LAW 104-170~AUG. 3, 1996 Publication. Regulations. "(x) such information as the Administrator may require on whether the pesticide chemical may have an effect in humans that is similar to an effect produced by a naturally occurring estrogen or other endocrine effects; "(xi) information regarding exposure to the pesticide chemical residue due to any tolerance or exemption already granted for such residue; "(xii) practical methods for removing any amount of the residue that would exceed any proposed tolerance; and "(xiii) such other data and information as the Administrator requires by regulation to support the petition. If information or data required by this subparagraph is available to the Administrator, the person submitting the petition may cite the availability of the information or data in lieu of submitting it. The Administrator may require a petition to be accompanied by samples of the pesticide chemical with respect to which the petition is filed. "(B) MODIFICATION OR REVOCATION.— The Administrator may by regulation establish the requirements for information and data to support a petition to modify or revoke a tolerance or to modify or revoke an exemption from the requirement for a tolerance. "(3) NOTICE.— ^A notice of the filing of a petition that the Administrator determines has met the requirements of paragraph (2) shall be published by the Administrator within 30 days after such determination. The notice shall announce the availability of a description of the anal3^ical methods available to the Administrator for the detection and measurement of the pesticide chemical residue with respect to which the petition is filed or shall set forth the petitioner's statement of why such a method is not needed. The notice shall include the summary required by paragraph (2)(A)(i)(I). "(4) ACTIONS BY THE ADMINISTRATOR. — "(A) IN GENERAL.— The Administrator shall, after giving due consideration to a petition filed under paragraph (1) and any other information available to the Administrator— "(i) issue a final regulation (which may vary from that sought by the petition) establishing, modifying, or revoking a tolerance for the pesticide chemical residue or an exemption of the pesticide chemical residue from the requirement of a tolerance (which final regulation shall be issued without further notice and without further period for public comment); "(ii) issue a proposed regulation under subsection (e), and thereafter issue a final regulation under such subsection; or "(iii) issue an order denying the petition. "(B) PRIORITIES.— The Administrator shall give priority to petitions for the establishment or modification of a tolerance or exemption for a pesticide chemical residue that appears to pose a significantly lower risk to human health