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PUBLIC LAW 104-201—SEPT. 23, 1996 110 STAT. 2731 retary of Energy, other countries to purchase low-enriched uranium that is derived from highly enriched uranium extracted from Russian nuclear weapons. SEC. 1455. SENSE OF CONGRESS CONCERNING PURCHASE, PACKAG- 50 USC 2365. ING, AND TRANSPORTATION OF FISSILE MATERIALS AT RISK OF THEFT. It is the sense of Congress that— (1) the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Energy, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Secretary of State should purchase, package, and transport to secure locations weaponsgrade nuclear materials from a stockpile of such materials if such officials determine that— (A) there is a significant risk of theft of such materials; and (B) there is no reasonable and economically feasible alternative for securing such materials; and (2) if it is necessary to do so in order to secure the materials, the materials should be imported into the United States, subject to the laws and regulations that are applicable to the importation of such materials into the United States. TITLE XV—COOPERATIVE THREAT RE- DUCTION WITH STATES OF FORMER SOVIET UNION Sec. 1501. Specification of Cooperative Threat Reduction programs. Sec. 1502. Fiscal year 1997 funding allocations. Sec. 1503. Prohibition on use of funds for specified purposes. Sec. 1504. Limitation on use of funds until specified reports are submitted. Sec. 1505. Availability of funds. SEC. 1501. SPECIFICATION OF COOPERATIVE THREAT REDUCTION 50 USC 2362 PROGRAMS. note. (a) IN GENERAL. —For purposes of section 301 and other provisions of this Act, Cooperative Threat Reduction programs are the programs specified in subsection (b). (b) SPECIFIED PROGRAMS. —The programs referred to in subsection (a) are the following programs with respect to states of the former Soviet Union: (1) Programs to facilitate the elimination, and the safe and secure transportation and storage, of nuclear, chemical, and other weapons and their delivery vehicles. (2) Programs to facilitate the safe and secure storage of fissile materials derived from the elimination of nuclear weapons. (3) Programs to prevent the proliferation of weapons, weapons components, and weapons-related technology and expertise. (4) Programs to expand military-to-military and defense contacts. SEC. 1502. FISCAL YEAR 1997 FUNDING ALLOCATIONS. (a) IN GENERAL.— Of the amount appropriated pursuant to the authorization of appropriations in section 301 for Cooperative Threat Reduction programs, not more than the following amounts may be obligated for the purposes specified: