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110 STAT. 2744 PUBLIC LAW 104-201—SEPT. 23, 1996 section 8905a of such title to such employee shall terminate 90 days after the date of the employee's covered separation from Federal employment. For the purposes of the preceding sentence, a person who, except for subsection (b)(2), would be a converted employee shall be considered a converted employee. (j) REPORT BY GENERAL ACCOUNTING OFFICE. —The Comptroller General shall conduct a study of each pilot program, if any, established under this section and submit a report on the pilot program to Congress not later than two years after the date on which the program is established. The report shall contain the following: (1) A review and evaluation of the program, including— (A) an evaluation of the success of the privatization outcomes of the program; (B) a comparison and evaluation of such privatization outcomes with the privatization outcomes with respect to facilities at other military installations closed or realigned under the base closure laws; (C) an evaluation of the impact of the program on the Federal workforce and whether the program results in the maintenance of a skilled workforce for defense contractors at an acceptable cost to the military department concerned; and (D) an assessment of the extent to which the program is a cost-effective means of facilitating privatization of the performance of Federal activities. (2) Recommendations relating to the expansion of the program to other installations and employees. (3) Any other recommendation relating to the program, (k) IMPLEMENTING REGULATIONS.—Not later than 30 days after the Secretary of Defense notifies the Director of the Office of Personnel Management of a decision to establish a pilot program under this section, the Director shall prescribe regulations to carry out the provisions of this section with respect to that pilot program. Before prescribing the regulations, the Director shall consult with the Secretary. (1) DEFINITIONS. —In this section: (1) The term "converted employee" means a person who, pursuant to subsection (b), is eligible for benefits under this section. (2) The term "covered separation from Federal service" means a separation from Federal service as described under subsection (b)(1)(B). (3) The term "Civil Service Retirement System" means the retirement system under subchapter III of chapter 83 of title 5, United States Code. (4) The term "defense contractor" means any entity that— (A) contracts with the Department of Defense to perform a function previously performed by Department of Defense employees; (B) performs that function at the same installation at which such function was previously performed by Department of Defense employees or in the vicinity of that installation; and (C) is the employer of one or more converted employees. (5) The term "early deferred retirement age" means the first age at which a converted employee would have been eligible for immediate retirement under subsection (a) or (b)